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~TR~Robert 05-11-2014 04:08 PM

Akumas Story
Time for another of my crazy tournaments this one will be for peeps who actually play sfo and the ones who just browse px. At the end of every scenario you will be given a choice and your choice will determine the outcome of the character or the story. Good Luck and have fun

Sign ups start now round one begins after Kens fate has been decided
Host Yes/No
Reward: Akuma color (if your interested) bragging rights and cash Money!!


The Beginning of the end...

A choose your own adventure tournament

Akuma vs the World

Akuma one of the most powerful and destructive fighters ever to walk the streets searches day and night awaiting powerful opponents. Yet there is not one found. After many years of unworthy fights and unworthy opponents Akuma grows angry.

Akuma: If this world cannot present me with a challenge then it must be Destroyed!

With a flash Akuma summons all his might and power and strikes the earth. Rumbling and thunder is heard all around the world as the earth starts to crack and tear down the the very core...

1000 of miles away in America, Guile now leader of all Us army forces is summoned to the pentagon.

President of the United States: What the sam hell is going on Guile

Guile: We are looking into Mr President all we know now is some unforeseen force has cause an earthquake that's shaken the whole planet.

President: The source?

Guile: Still unconfirmed but id bet my government paycheck I would say Bison's back..

President: That's absurd you and I both know Bison is getting the hulk treatment and is locked down in a secret well armed jail where if i have anything to say about it will never see the light of day!!

Guile: Who else could it be... you know very well Bison can run anything from where he's at. Even if he is still locked up it could be anyone of his cohorts.

President: I don't give a dam who or what it is I want us at def-com 3 and you on the first plane to the impact site and find out whats going on is that understood?

Guile: Yes sir, but shouldn't we check to see if Bison is still locked up sir?

President: You have your orders soldier now get over there Ill deploy Weapon X to find out Bison location.

Guile: Wolverines rag tag bunch of hit men? There loose cannons sir and nobody can tell Wolverine what to do hes an a hole

President: Logan psh we made that tin can what he is today he will track down Bison or he will be joining him in his cell and all those other mutant freaks too

Guile: The mutant community just wants peace and respect sir. How many times have the x men and even wolverines basket cases have saved the day? countless and if we are facing Bison we will need all the help we can get

President: Everyone wants peace son but like my daddy always said if you want peace prepare for war. You have your orders solider move out

Guile; Sir yes Sir

Guile heads out of the war room and to the hangar. I bet anything its Bison he thinks to himself but Guile know better to disobey the chain of command. Guile boards a helicopter and heads towards the site of the earthquake.

Meanwhile 2 all well known figures are laying around a lake enjoying the cool breeze. The sun is glimmering off the lake and the fish jump to escape the line of the local fisherman. Ryu takes the time to enjoy the scenery

Ken: Don't you feel that Ryu?


Ken: That earthquake? you didn't just feel that it shook the whole world i think.

Ryu: Earthquakes happen all the time Ken its nothing. Relax what could be wrong, Bison's defeated nobody seen Akuma in years we have had peace for many years now

Ken: I dont know ryu i think all these year of peace has made you soft Don't you feel the evil energy?

Ryu: hmmm your right i do feel something...

Ken: its almost like....

Ryu: Ken?


Ryu looks up to see what has startled his friend into silence and is startled himself. There hovering in the air is Akuma.

Ryu: Akuma is that you?


Ken: I told you something wasn't right

Ryu: I dont know what you want Akuma but i beaten you once and i can do it again. Be gone foul demon


Ken: What does he want?

Ryu: to fight im guessing ok Akuma you want a challenge here i am.

Ryu stands up tightness his headband and prepares to face Akuma.

Ken: O yeah let me in on this baby

Ryu: No ken ill handle him

Ryu rushes Akuma at full speed and lands a fist square against Akumas jaw. Then with incredible athleticism leaps back and comes again with a sweeping round house kick. Ryu jumps back. 2 hard blows and Akumas just looking at me he thinks..

Ryu: Alright Akuma you want to play hard I'm gonna hadoken spam your ass back into whatever place you call a home

Ken: Ryu look out!!


Ryu never got to finish his sentence for in a nano second Akuma rushed Ryu and plunged his fist deep into ryu chest. With a satisfying grunt Akuma ripped out Ryu still beating heart and held it high.

Akuma: With this my greatest foe is dead

Ken: You Monster I'll going to make you pay for that!!

Akuma: Unlikely ken but here is a parting gift

Akuma throws ryus still squirting heart as Ken who catches it by reflex and stares at his best friend and long time companions beating heart while his body is slumped in the dust. Tears start rolling down his eyes that are replace by rage. Fire starts consuming his soul..
AKUMA ken yells Ill make you pay he shouts. As he looks up Akuma is gone as if he were never there. Ken still holding the heart throws it down and weeps for his friend. I swear i will avenge you ryu i swear it..

Hours later after burying his friend and washing Ryus blood from his clothes Ken stands on top of a hill/ No how do i find Akuma? He only appeared when a great challenger was around he thinks. Ryus dead tho who was better then Ryu? Ken thinks to himself I shall gather every Street fighter and we shall hunt down Akuma. Then another thought pops into his head a very faint battle so long ago The X men. Maybe they can help....

What does Ken do?? Does he Gather the remaining street fighter and track down Akuma?? or does he contact the X men and hope they can help? Choose Kens fate and the fate of this world!!

Bump: hmm 33 views and 3 votes ya'll some lazy peeps

TitaniumFist 05-18-2014 03:36 PM

This was a decent idea that went to waste.

Consider making a contact the staff thread to try and make this into a TMC event.

If you're interested.

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