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Murder-Ink 09-23-2017 10:53 AM

LDC 2.0
Along with the release of Captain America came LDC 2.0 which included 32 new, and improved dynamic stages ready to be played on by millions of user... with our newest additions users have the option of choosing the perfect stage that sets the mood, are you fan of heights?? then head on over to SFO, and select Skies OF Horror, and I'm sure you'll fall in love with it... in the mood for something darker than dark, then Aftermath would be perfect for you... of all 32 stages, I'm sure you'll find something that fits the mood...

below is a list of all stages, and who as access to such stages
HTML Code:

vip                  Skies OF Horror              |    public    Night Club
vip                  Boxing Ring            |    public  Cave
vip                  China Town              |    public  Roller
vip                  Air Base                  |    public          Water Cave
vip                  Brazil                      |    public          Fright Night
vip                  Time Chamber        |    public  Tunnel Vision
vip                  Fight Night              |    public  Avengers HQ
vip                  House OF Fire        |    public          Air Field
vip                  Heights                  |  public          Old China
vip                  Side 2 Side              |  public          Old China 2
vip                  King OF Fighters      |  public          Sailing Sea
vip                  Roof Top 2.0            |  public          Sea
vip                  Martini Lane            |  public          Shore Side
vip                  Train Yard                |  public          The Yard
vip                  Abandoned Church    |  public          Boat Yard   
vip                  Beautiful Falls          |  public          Aftermath

Here's a video (Poorly edited) to showcase all LDC 2.0 stages

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