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SolidSnake76 12-08-2005 10:28 PM

ok, i know a small handful of people might know something about car repairs and such, and this is not RI, NO JOKES.

when i hit the brakes to avoid something and then quickly hit the accelerator, the transmission slips and the engine doesnt grab on properly. what could be causing the transmission to slip?

dominicankid098 12-08-2005 10:40 PM

A banana peel? JK =p

That problem occurs when an automatic transmission is in gear, and the engine revs up but the car doesn't move.

On a manual transmission, that problem is a clutch slippage.

If you know how to fix stuff on your own, buy a shift improver kit (range 30-50 dollars @ PepBoys or Discount Auto Parts). It would improve your transmission shifts. Don't really know if those stores exists up there, but yeah any Auto Parts store should have it. If you can't fix it on your own, just take it to a mechanic.

XFXavier 12-08-2005 11:06 PM

In an automatic car that means your converter is going up. If you hit the throttle in a regular car and it doesnt almost instantly respond your converter is most likely going up. Now in drag racing they have racing converters which are much smaller in size compared to regular converters that will not grab until about 3500-5000rpm depending on what size converter. But of course that is intentional. In a manual car the clutch is going up, or your grinding the gears and your poopface out of luck.

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