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SolidSnake76 05-10-2009 04:58 PM

.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0i4sJqHPUk


DwAyN3 05-10-2009 07:29 PM

some crazy stuff

masterbob 05-10-2009 07:37 PM


dj_hussla 05-11-2009 03:52 PM

world goverment is a very bad thing this world i not to be ran as a whole

SnuggLes__ 05-11-2009 07:19 PM

Sounds like the past setting of Gundam 00 LoL

Well.... *To be honest it all just sounds like a whole lof of conspirarcy theory babble to me, but you want discussion, i wan't to pose a question..

* * You're living in a simple world if you think that that their isn't more to things than meets the eye. *A new world order occuring behind the scenes isn't too much to expect for the future, but to the extant that jones thinks it will happen is ridiculous. But who knows.. Many People believe that in order for society to progress more quickly/smoothly we must have a world that is united under one ideal, so conflict will not hamper its progression. *Then there's people like alex jones that think that if something like this were to happen we'd lose all our fundamental human rights in the process. *He spins things so negatively, that he's pretty much asking for open conflict. *He fears what change might occur, carving a negative future in hopes that people will rebel. *It's kinda like early christians agaisnt science. *
* * I think for some reason we all have this same inate fear of change, *because we don't know what it will bring. *
* * Yes, one day governments and how they will rule us will change, and yes we as people must watch how & when these changes will occur (i.e annihalation of races), but my question is, when do you really know when to make a stand agaisnt something of which you don't know the outcome? *

I mean somone could have put footage of Colonel Sanders, old footage of slaves, footage of the white cloth heads, and old footage of fields of dead chickens together , and make Colonel Sanders Look like a racist chicken killer whose eventual goal is to enslave blacks in America again by creating fried chicken. *Now imagine had people believed that... We wouldn't have kf c today *(or would we??) ..

Regardless Human society continously progresses, and never necessarily the way you want it to.

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