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LegendaryLucci 12-01-2019 07:07 AM

NBA 2019-2020
The Golden State Warriors Era is over, praise God, they only won in the fashion they won was because of Kevin Durant and it's being proven now! Also, GSW traded away their bench for one or two "star" players. So, it's safe to say this is not the same Golden State team two years ago, not even a year ago excluding KD, and SC.

Now, we embark on a new beginning in the NBA, and I noticed that it's not just one team with all that talent each team you have a couple stars and that's what make it competitive, not throwing all the talent on one team. That's why Kevin Durant legacy cannot be compared to LeBron James because LeBron carries teams, granted KD did carry Golden State too a degree but if you have to carry a dream team that says alot about everything there. Nevertheless, I am a LeBron James Fan and I am going with the Lakers to the championship. Add comments, reviews, highlights, and more.

I find it funny how LeBron James miss one playoff contention and he's not the goat but now he's back he's in the top of the western conference Division dominating that I might add, and still producing quality points, and minutes, and we are watching the history being made by a small forward at the point guard position.

LeBron is the greatest of all time, and if all you have to hold against him is a playoff / finals record. You just simply a hater, and I said this years ago when they had the Jordan bandwagon on here LeBron is better than Jordan, and LeBron is the greatest all around player ever.

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