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blockattack 01-06-2015 02:22 PM

Projectile pass-through bug - Short explanation.
Hi all,

So, with the release of Gambit, and the update bug squash, we seem to have introduced several new.. mind boggling bugs/glitches.

This one in particular affects, or.. seems to affect characters with projectile pass through attacks.

I.E - Chun-li's spinning bird kick, Cyclops's punch rush combo, Gambit and his cajun strike, etc ...

After performing these attacks (not sure if its once, or several times) your opponent seems to not be affected by YOUR projectiles, and even some physical special attacks.
Meaning, you can through as many trick cards, web balls as you want.. and even cajun strikes or spidey flying kicks.. It will simply pass through the opponent, AFTER youve performed a pass through attack yourself.
( This is, from what Ive seen.. Only on your end - Meaning, your opponent, if not avoided, will still be hit by your attacks on their end, but on your end, you will simply see your attack pass through their character untouched. )

Now, the above doesnt seem to be TOO harsh... since the opponent still loses health regardless..

Unless you are countering something like.. oh .. say.. the Maximum spider, with a projectile, and he slips through with ease :(

Anyway, this glitch/bug, has been running wild since the update, so be on the lookout :cheesy:

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