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HighTopDragon 01-06-2018 09:11 PM

SFO Story based Game-play
From the recent update to Caption America, we can see SFO taking a new step into the light... But why stop? Why not go
farther? (Every trip no matter, How far...Starts with a single step.)

My idea is this, a story-line based game with the same idea of the Cap Nerf but tweaked a bit, for example, Ken and Ryu are from the same school and have the same grand-master ...so the damage they both take when fighting each other should be less. The rest should be an as normal damage unless we make a new story-line. Chen lee should do more damage to Bison because he killed her father, the only reason she is there is to fight him (Bison) and so on. The reason we love SFO is not so much the fighting but the reasons behind it, If we can incorporate that into the game it would be much more interesting. The crossover chars(X-Men) need new story-lines to balance game-play such as Cap, hates Wolverine and his shield is made of the same stuff Wofines claws are so a boost in defense.

One last thing, the charter poses needs more emotion, Ryu and ken walking to each other for the fist bump(Classic Arcade type) or bison meeting Chun lee makes Bruce lee's come here poses (you know the outstretched hand with the palm-waving )

ps.I know the work on this simple idea will be a pain so I'll say SORRY in advise.:D

pps.I have no idea where to post this soo.

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