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TitaniumFist 03-15-2012 05:09 PM

SFO Sidekick: Your suggestions
The objective is simple: drop us a line about what you want the Sidekick to do. What would make you use the gadget?

A few guidelines:

  • Make your post readible. Grammar and spelling are not very important, but please break up your paragraphs with extra spaces. If you're on your phone, nevermind.
  • Make sure the Sidekick doesn't already do what you what you want it to. (Click the underlined text)
  • Do not respond point-by-point to another members suggestion. We're here to hear suggestions, not discuss whether or not they will work.
  • Try to read others suggestions, in order to not repeat them.
This suggestion box will be temporary - possibly open for only two weeks to a month.

donkios 03-15-2012 05:28 PM

I'm not sure if it would be possible but I would probably use it if it were somehow attached to SFO so I wouldn't have to have both a SFO window and a SideKick window.

I'm gonna do a really bad drawing real quick.

Bump: I might've had a bit too much fun drawing this, haha

You get the point though


flamesz 03-15-2012 06:04 PM

well in all truth I don't know much about the SFO sidekick but I know it has great skin and I love that about it ,however when it comes to what it can do for so members who feel like I do ranks mean little to noting.

Not trying to trash your idea the only thing that sound great is that it can open sfo&gv for you I don't look at the other fan sites really not reason to look at the achievments only thing that would make me use this device is the idea you talk about seeing how many members can be online and if there a way to link the sfo sidekick to the dwx sever that would be great.

-That all I have to say for now.

-Elite_Ken- 03-15-2012 06:56 PM

Ok From top of my head here;

1. SFO News Feed

Like you have the News on SFO front page when you start game...that news feed.

2. Color Tab (Requires Logging-In)

Color Management Into the Sidekick.

3. Messenger [Private]

This would make a great contact Util.
When people are signing up for tourneys, no more need to enter their private e-mails to the public,

I had to make an MSN e-mail, for convenience for tourneys. This could Eliminate that for people.

Your Primary IGN, would be your contact.

Sub-Suggestion: Getting Banned (unless it's banned forever), should not stop you from using this feature.

4. Bug Report Button

A Button that brings up a form for people to fill out reporting a bug.
Let's face it, people who report bug do not know what to say about it and staff usually have to repeat themselves over and over and over.

This form would be sent [Maybe Emailed?] Straight to staff.

5. Tournament Page

A page with names of Current Tournaments, and links straight to the tournament thread.

Sub-Suggestion: This is pushing far, but What if people could sign up for that tourney right then and there? [Logging-In required, and if the messenger I suggested up there goes through...Contact would also be available.]

6. PPS Viewability

PPS View ability into the sidekick.

Staff/Members worked hard on making awesome SFO prizes and a system for these prizes. and People need to be going crazy for those prizes -.-

It would be nice to know how much I have obtained so far with our going throught the whole forum tallying.

Heck this will work great for staff as well, you guys can add the points and it will now be there along with what event/tourney it was won in. No need for tallying.

Sub-Suggestion: Maybe it could also show a ranking that shows who currently has the most.
Ambition = Competition.

7. Bank Account (TMyApp Needed Sry)

We should have a new SFO system that allows SFO cash values.

Could be managed, trade in the SideKick (And ONLY in the sidekick)

This should bring a new mode to SFO as Well called "CASH". In this mode you Win and Lose SFO-Cash. $1 - $3

These Cash could then Get some stuff in a new Side-Kick Shop.

8. SideKick Shop (Related to 7)

In this mode you could buy some;

Prize Points. [$500 for 1 Point.]
Ghost Any Char [$500 - 50% Ghost]
Buy New Tints?
Buy New Chat Skins?
Buy SFO Tokens?
Buy Into Private Tourneys? [Not Yet Available On SFO]

I'll Take A Pause Here :)

SSJKarma 03-15-2012 10:46 PM

good suggestions, some harder to do then others, but i love em.
just one thing im gonna say to this little idea of a cash shop... TMyApp loves his game to be free, using the word cash would only lead people into thinking they need real cash. so for the sake of anything at this point... lets not use any of the cash/money words. let's just say trade.

i'm with many people here...
having the sfo sidekick have SFO included in it (and i know its possible in a way) would allow us to have news feedback always availlable. it would also be good to have an integrated chat system. so that way you can chat with other sidekick using members while you play. it could also keep friends and the likes.

aside from those i might have an idea for you TFist... but at this point we'd have to talk about it in private.

basically im with the idea of having the sidekick an all around SFO launcher !

Crying-FrEEman 03-15-2012 11:18 PM

Is it possible to implement a point system into SFO side kick? where users can obtain and monitor their points.

TitaniumFist 03-23-2012 07:22 AM

One week it is then. Thank you all for your input. Nice drawing, donkios. Lol.

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