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Bob~Marley4004 10-02-2005 07:41 PM

Table of Contents

1. How to become a (VIP MEMBER)
2. Credit Card you can use for (VIP)
3. Moves List, Helper Codes, Commands
4. Lag Problems
5. Banners
6. Avatars
7. Uploading
8. Behind a Firewall
9. Account Auto-Terminated
10. Downloadable File (And Movies)
11. Shockwave Error
12. Can I use a joysticky or gamepad?
13. When will the game have new characters
14. If you get a message saying, ''You have an outdated version of the game.''
15. FAQ Links
16. How to take screenshots
17. Rage Factor
18. Best Comp figuration for this game
19. Missing dll files
20. "Can You Sponsor Me?"
21. Blocking/Unblocking Cookies
22. Run-time error '438'
23. Unexpected failure
24. How to get URLS for Pictures on the Net
25. Awaiting Authorization
26. How to set controls
27. Next Character (Newest character is Cyber Akuma)
28. Helper Codes
29. Game Modes
30. Game Icons and definitions
31. Failed to load control 'ShockwaveCtl' from SwDir.dll
33. Unable to Read Shockwave
34. Game Vindicator Info
35. How to become VIP on forum


How to become a VIP MEMBER
You can become a VIP MEMBER at:Become a (VIP)

Credit Cards You Can Use
You can use the following cards to become VIP: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express card) you can also use a Debit Card. Please visit the forum to keep track of the progress that the community is making towards “DREAM GOALS”

Click Here


Moves List, Helper Codes, and Commands
There are a list of fan sites that you should visit for more information on character moves, helper codes, and commands.


Lag Problems
They will always have lag on this game no matter what! but, they got some ways you can decrease it by doing the following steps:

1.Going to Options
2. Go under your sound tab and turn off the music and sound to (0).
3. Going to your (OTHER TAB) and click(No Background)..
4. Fight ppl in servers that has the less ppl!


you can ask for a banner at the(banner and avatar thread)..you can also make ur on banners with:Photoshop Cs from:Download.com

you can chose an avatar from ur control panel..or you can make 1: Animation Shop 3 from: www.download.com

you can upload ur banner(s) and avatar(s) from:

If you have any other questions pertaining to banners, avatars, etc.. please visit that section on the forum for more information and help.

Behind a Firewall
if your behind a firewall,make sure you go to:

1.Go To (Options)
2.go under your (network tab)
3. Click (I am behind a firewall or a proxy)
4.click old connection mode (for firewalls).


Account Auto-Terminated
email: info@streetfighteronline.com

Or contact a sysop...


Downloaded File
If you have to downloaded file and having problems, try:

1. Make sure all files are together!
2. If your game freezes than you're missing a file!
3. If that doesn't work try the web version!


After I download, how do I play?
SFO 2.0 is here! I advised you to visit the following threads for more information revolving around the newest version of SFO and also how to download the new macOS version.


http://forums.streetfighteronline.co...ad.php?t=36459 (macOS version)

Credit System4

Shockwave Error
If you’re having shockwave problems you can download shockwave player at: http://macromedia.com/shockwave

even though Shockwave shall installed by itself when u play SFO! But, if it doesn’t and you're still having problems, downloading it again shall solve the problems with Shockwave Errors

Can I use a joystick or gamepad?

Analog joystick support is still on its way. However, most new gamepads (such as the ones made by Microsoft or Gravis) should allow you to bind keyboard keys to specific buttons on the controller.

Check with your gamepad manufacturer to find out if they support this feature.

There are also a number of freeware programs that allow you to bind ANY analog or digital joysticks to your keyboard. A great program to use is Joystick 2 Mouse. You can use this program to play -men vs. Street Fighter (online) with any joystick of your choice!

When we will the game have new characters??
When the official vote comes. When TMyApp wants to add a new character to the game, he opens a Poll. People vote for which characters they want, and the one with the most votes, say at the end of two weeks, gets made, coded and implanted into the game.

As announced, Cyber Akuma is the newest character.

If you get a message saying your playing an out of date version
Simply dump your temporary internet files..and reload the game.

If you need help on Game Faq and Forum Faq
Game Faq
Shockwave Faq
Forum Faq

Try the advice given on these pages.


How to take screenshots
Well...you can take screenshots by just pressing the Print SCRN button.. on the right side of the f12 button.. you should also hold the alt button so it can just take that screen and not the whole screen.


After, you should paste your image in a program like PAINT..
then save it.. and then go to http://photobucket.com to upload your screenshot...you should have posted this in the Members Help Section, but don’t' worry about it now since you already posted.

What is Rage Factor?

Rage Factor applies to and only affects regular users.

Your "Rage Factor" is a value ranging between -3 and +3

When you first start Street Fighter Online your Rage Factor will be set to -3.

Your Rage Factor will be displayed at the top of the chat room when you enter. This is visible only to you.

There are 2 ways to affect the value of your Rage Factor

You must either complete Story Mode using certain characters.
Or you may use any character and try to defeat members with the ingame titles of, SysOp, Moderator, NWO, VIP Member, or Sponsored VIP. :biggrin:

If you complete story mode and defeat the end boss your Rage Factor will increase by +1

While in story mode your characters rage is always active, allowing you to transform at will regardless of what the actual value of your Rage Factor is. This allows you to practice activating your rage without actually affecting your Rage Factor. Losing in Story Mode does not effect the value of your Rage Factor.

If you win a match against titled players in multiplayer mode. Your Rage Factor will increase by +2.

If you lose a match against titled players in multiplayer mode. Your Rage Factor will decrease by -1.

If your Rage Factor is 0 or less. You can not call upon your characters rage and transform them into their alter ego.

If your Rage Factor is greater than 0. You have the option to call upon your characters "Rage!" and transform them into their "dark" alter ego.

You can use your characters rage at any point during a match to morph into their VIP counterpart for the remainder of the match by pressing DOWN, BACK + START.

Calling upon your character's rage decreases your Rage Factor by -1 and makes your character glow red for 15 seconds.

At the end of the match your character will return to normal and lose all their "evil" powers.

You may call upon your character's rage in all multiplayer game types. 1on1, 1on1 tag, 2on1 tag, 2on2 tag.

Your Rage Factor points will not be saved/stored after you close and exit Street Fighter Online.

Although titled member do have a Rage Factor it serves them no purpose, since their characters are always VIP characters.

Title member characters do not transform or have additional powers because of their Rage Factor or it's value!

Currently only spiderman, Ryu, Sentinel, Chun-Li, and Akuma have a Rage Factor that allows you to transform them into their alter ego. Other characters will gain this power in the future. All players start off a 3.

Best Comp figuration...
the internet connection is far from being the issue around here !

anyway, here is the solutions you seek !

CPU : 500mhz
RAM : 64
MODEM : 28.8 phone modem

CPU : 1000 mhz
RAM : 256
MODEM : cable / dsl

CPU : Intel 3.0ghz or equivalent
RAM : Over 256
MODEM : cable

Pentium 4,ram: no more than 512 for the best.

does that answer your question ?
the minimum is on what it is developped for good deal with lots of lag !
the recommended is what it needs to have medium lag and good gameplay with controls that follow you easily !
and the best is what makes it the lowest possible lag and the lowest possible graphics issues !

hope this helped ya and thanks for your interest in this game !

- SSJKarma

Component 'SwDir.Dll or one of it's dependencies not currently registered: a file is missing or invalid.

When this message appears try: reinstalling shockwave or get the latest version at: http://macromedia.com

Are you using the downloadable version of the game?
If you are, did you download the missing DLL files from off the downloads page?
If not you can find them here

Also try doing a search at http://macromedia.com or http://google.com for the missing dll's

"Can You Sponsor Me"
From Viper2040:
Asking to be sponsored, ESPECIALLY in a post, is a BIG nono....in fact, its a one way ticket to a world of hurt.

asking me through an instant messenger is ALSO unacceptable. I've been polite, but now its time to get serious. Dont make me do something that you may regret; if you truely deserve to be sponsored, then someone will do it without you having to ask. Just look at TarkanX, and SSJKarma, and Roll....none of them asked to be sponsored....

If you DO ask, then I will make sure that the only way for you to EVER become a VIP will be to pay for your self.

This is your warning.


Blocking/Unblocking Cookies
to block/unblock cookies, follow these steps:
tools/internet-options/privacy/then on advanced

NOTE: in Internet Explorer web browser.

In Google Chrome, you'll need to go to settings, show advance settings, then click content settings under privacy


Run-time error '438'
1: go to "Control Panel" for your computer
2: add/remove programs
3: remove shockwave and macromedia
4: re-install shockwave 8.5 from http://www.streetfigheronline.com/download.htm


Unexpected failure while compositing bitmap number 187 of PLAYER-CAST 7

clear cache, restart computer...

To do this, go to your Internet Explorer

1: click on "Tools" at the top
2: click on "Internet Options"
3: click the "delete files" button
4: restart your computer


In Google Chrome, you'll click settings then clear browsing data under privacy.


How to get URLS for Pictures on the Net

First, right click on the picture, and a drop-down menu should pop up.. Second, click on "Properties" and then you should see the "URL" across from the word "URL", you should know how to copy the address once you get to this point...


Awaiting Authorization
When you have this as your "GROUP TITLE" than that means you need to activate your account.

(How can I do that??)

Easy.. When you register at the forum, it asked for a "email address"... after about 5-10 minutes (after you register), you should get a email from, -men vs. streetfighter@projectx.com click the message, you should see a serial number, follow the instructions and your "GROUP TITLE" will change to, Member.

If you need a email address.. you should go to,
HOTMAIL *(put a age higher than 14 and 15)*.. or YAHOO...


How to set Controls

Click "Options" while in SFO and you should be automatically sent to the Controls.


Low Punch(P1)- U
Medium Punch(P2)- I
High Punch(P3)- O

Low Kick(K1)- J
Medium Kick(K2)- K
High Kick(K3)- L

Start Key- 1
Chat Key- t


Next Character
Cyber Akuma is newest character


As you should know, some new helpers has been added to the game.. yeah, the new Guile also... for all the helper codes, go to http://nosoul4evr.cyberfuturism.com/charac...elpermoves.html

================================================== =========

here's the list of modes...
- Level 0 (starts with 0 super)
- Level 1 (starts with 1 super)
- Level 2 (starts with 2 super)
- Level 3 (starts with 3 super)
- Max-1 (Maximum of 1 super bar)
- Proj-D (Throwing projectiles kills you slowly)
- Shrinkage (throwing Projectiles shrink you slowly)
- Gigantism (throwing projectiles makes you grow slowly)
- Primal (No supers can be used in this mode)
- Brawl (all 4 players on screen)
- XvsSF (old XvsSF 2k1-2k2 game, no SFO stuff in this.)
- Unvind (no vindication moves or effects.)
- Onslaught (both players plays onslaught)
- Survivor (2v2, no tagging allowed here)
- Zero-E (No pause before supers are fired.)
- DWX (no super jumping here)
- No-RD (no lvl1,2 or 3 unblockable moves here)

================================================== ====

Topic Options
Scroll on down and you see these options:

Topic options will be at the top of your thread. You should be able to close/open the thread.

To close: Click the close link, you don't need a message after that :biggrin:

Game Icons

Originally Posted by nosoul4evr,post
L= Lag Win....it happens.

P= Perfect Win...they never touched ya.

V = Victory Win....a fair fight.

S = Super Win...You used supers every chance ya got...with out being a cheese.

Chain link= The infinity icon indicates that you defeated your opponent using a variable combo.

L = You defeated your opponent during high lag.

Timer - You defeated your opponent by having more health than them when timer runs out.

Rope = defeated opponent with helper

Cherry = Near perfect match..your fighting style was astounding,and perfectly timed.

Cheese = You're a Hadoken Queen... The one move wonder. Ya fight like a wuss. Get some skills.


Failed to load control 'ShockwaveCtl' from SwDir.dll

- Click Start
- Go to your control panel
- Add/Remove programs
- Remove, shockwave and shockwave player
- Download shockwave 8.5 from http://www.pathcom.com/%7Etmyapp/ful...aller_Full.exe
- Install it

Start your SFO up and it should work.


Go here for all information pertaining to DWX.


"Unable to read 'ShockwaveCtl' from Control.dll. Your version of Control.dll may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application."
1)Remove SHOCKWAVE from your computer: Shockwave Removal Tool (Click Here)

2) Download Shockwave 8.5: Download Shockwave 8.5 (Click here)

3) Start SFO downloaded version again.. [Very clear]

================================================== ==
Game Vindicator Info
The Game Vindicator works with all versions of SFO (web and downloadable) and now fully supports all versions of Windows (including Vista). If you choose to run it, you will be 100% protected against players who may use cheats or hacks in multiplayer games (as long as you play against players who are also Vindicated).

The Game Vindicator is 100% free of Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Worms, Adware and Ads. And of course as with everything in the world of SFO, Game Vindicator is yours FREE of charge with no catch what so ever! There is no risk in using the Vindicator, and you may uninstall it at any time.

For more information about Game Vindicator: visit http://gamevindicator.com/

To download Game Vindicator, click here :biggrin:

Copied from FAQ


How to become VIP on forum

Please go to the following link: HERE

Updated: July 15, 2017

Bob~Marley4004 09-10-2014 09:57 PM

added Game Modes. Thanks estset for suggestion...

if you have any suggestions, email or send me a PM.

Thank you,


Bob~Marley4004 07-15-2017 07:24 PM

Made a few changes here and there... please send suggestions to my inbox

Thank you and keep on rockin' in the free world! :biggrin:

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