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bkbatman 09-04-2019 08:12 PM

Thinking About Playing
Okay so it was this guy that came on Discord, & said he remember me from 2008 era.
Using Ken and iron man, when Ken was updated. It brought so many memory to me that I had to go back and watched a video of me in 2008 actually owning noob.

So I'll be on both SFO and xbox one if anyone willing to play any sf game:D:D

vash2324 09-04-2019 08:18 PM

you on now??

bkbatman 09-04-2019 10:39 PM

Yeah, when I got time I'll try to invite from ppl from xbox who play sf to try SFO

Ambrosia 09-06-2019 06:52 PM

call me in 10 years if this ever gets off the ground

bkbatman 09-27-2019 01:13 PM

Every now and then people be on like yesterday it was like 4 people in the server plus me make it 5. I talked to some friend on discord and xbox live they say they will see. The one on discord already be on but our timing be off. If I can have at least 10 people in the server that's okay for me.

LegendaryLucci 10-23-2019 11:38 AM

I will be making a return in game.

(Now Loading...)

bkbatman 10-23-2019 08:24 PM

That what up, now there be like 8 or 9 people in the server.

Ambrosia 11-09-2019 09:17 PM

the game has more lag than ever with LDC 2.0

everytime I play anyone, their health NEVER goes down....

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