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CiaraSpareNo1 07-28-2014 07:16 AM

Random Insanity - Cedar Point Rules !
Saturday I went to Cedar Point. For those who do not know what Cedar Point is it is an amusement park that people from all over the world come to get on roller coasters, see Charlie Brown and the gang. During Halloween they turn the amusement park into a scare fest, I go every year on Halloween because myself, and my friends go to have a nice time.
This year when I went last Saturday I got on everything that was there, I forgot to take pictures like every year I go because there too much to do in a 10 hour time period.
In this topic I will link you some of the rides thats there my favorite the Millennium Force, The Dragster, let me tell you guys about that ride, its literary taller than the Skyscraper and you go 100 miles an hour going from start to finish in 18 second in recent years it got down to 15seconds. O.o

They opened up a new ride name 'The Gatekeeper' its an okay ride It made my head hurt with all those loops, they have this new ride that cost 25 dollars to get on called 'The Slingshot' I'm normally not scared because we have a ride similar to the 'Power Tower' but this Slingshot ride puts you in a two seat for you and your buddy, straps you in it and launches you 200+ feet in the air, and each time they launch you you're going higher and higher, the scary part is YOU'RE STRAPPED IN A CHAIR WHILE TWO CABLE CORDS LAUNCHING YOU IN THE AIR ! Just to get the video of it is 19$

Here is the Dragster - Here is the Slingshot - Here is the Power Tower - Here is the Millennium Force -
Think you could ride these coasters?

`Crystal 07-29-2014 02:45 AM

No thank you. I loath roller coasters.

asshole 07-29-2014 12:56 PM

Damn. I miss Cedar Point.
Had I come home over the weekend, I would have gone with my family.

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