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When our beloved SFO nearly died just over a month ago, we were down to some 25 logins per day. Since then our stats are 10 times better. And the website countdown timer alone doubled our games-per-hour in just one day (giving us weekend stats on the weekdays).

It's a pretty strange feeling I can tell you that. We went from a funeral to planning the final release date of the biggest SFO update in the last 16 years. It's not just the fact that none of this was planned, but the fact that I would have never believed that such things were possible if I haven't seen it with my own eyes.

I think that when we will look back at this year, there will be a number of names that will stand out. While most have only shown verbal support, some have shown actual support and very few quite frankly went out of their way to make sure that SFO would not only live on, but that it will see the light of day in the new 2.0 era.

Looking back at the last 16 years, while there were a lot of "fan sites" that stuck around, lets face it, none compares to the legacy of UG. If there is one place and one group of people who really truly LOVE SFO and have vowed to stand by through the good and the bad, it is definitely the SFO Underground.

And the best part is, UG is (for some reason) very interested in Clans. And I on the other hand, would not want to touch clans with a 10 foot pole. So then it hit us: we can let UG do all of the work

In all seriousness, I think that an official clan solution is LONG overdue, and I and many other people feel that the only group that would be fit to take care of clans (and do it right) is UG. Their tool will be the hair-pulling might of TMC, in addition to endless supply of energy drinks and wake-up pills.

Now of course even a 1st grader knows that you can't work on TMC without staff access, so it is my pleasure to welcome our newest SFO staff: Master_Jay, 1-hitta and _-Rashiznit- ... (to make it more official i removed Master_Jay's perks only to re-add them again for this occasion). ... I have great confidence in these 3 individuals when it comes to creating a new and exciting official clans solution at SFO, just in time for the 2.0 release this summer

That said, there is also a lot of work happening in the background that no one knows about, or no one notices. This includes: SFO chat server improvements with near-endless software/hardware setup combinations (that are vital for the creation/testing/release of the 2.0 network code) as well as our dream of having a portable Mac build of SFO. And who stepped up the challenge of solving all of the problems I just mentioned? Why our very own prodigal mod "system4" ... and lets face it, we can't have system4 drowning in work without his old staff access, so let me be the first to say: "welcome back".

I think everyone can agree that the staff members promoted today ALL without question absolutely LOVE SFO. So it's hard to find anyone better to lead us into the new 2.0 age

I really can't remember how many times people have been asking me: "why don't you get others to help you TMy ?? why do you always have to be the lone wolf ??" ... Well, now those dreams are coming true. Official Clans, New Chat Servers, New D/L Builds, New Website, New Web/Video Content, and the 2.1 million mail-out, NONE of these things are being done by TMyApp, and good'ol TMy is NOT planning on lifting his fingers for any of them

So next time there is any type of SFO update, or you feel as though 2.0 was a "complete success", I want everyone to remember all those who helped us get from a funeral to the 2.0 revival.

... Now I need to either get back to work, or change the numbers on that countdown timer .. and when was the last time SFO missed a promised deadline ?? ... Whatever you can imagine the 2.0 update to be, rest assured it's MUCH bigger than that. So we're definitely NOT missing this one.

Here's to the next 16 years.
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