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Default Re: necessary Sentinel RD

Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (ZERO~GS @ Sep. 05 2007,17:47)]
Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ((Fallen_Angel) @ Sep. 05 2007,13:52)]raging demon aka shun goku satsu is a ansatsuken technique, no char should have it unless you mastered the dark hadou and you have to be a shotokan karate expert to do so.

giving every char a raging demon is degrading to the word raging demon, i think you should just call it unblockable super
thanks for the history lesson; but no one sayd it was an rd...just becuz its unblockable dont mean its an rd right?

wolverines weapon x aint a rd and its unblockable
you dont get it...i mean dont call these chars unblockable moves a raging demon which some of yous have done in this thread,only a shoto unblockable lv3 super represents a raging demon.
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