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Default Re: Let's Talk Movies With Liger Zero

Ok lets get this started back up lol.

So Expendables 3 is still being casted and Stallone has confirmed 2 new additions plus a returning actor.

Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes are confirmed from Expendables 3. Wesley was very excited to return to the top he said.

Mickey Rourke will be returning to the franchise.

Stallone is also saying Steven Seagal may be in the 3rd film as well stating that he "Talked to Seven S in Moscow, said he would love to do the 3rd film if the part fits" on Stallones twitter.

Now Im excited for Jackie and Wesley as long as Wesley doesnt act like he did filming Blade 3 then everything will be good. Im glad Mickey Rourke is coming back to the franchise as I missed him greately in 2. I dont know how to feel at all about Seagal. He was goo through most of the 90's as an action star with most of his earlier work but he has sense just been god aweful in making movies and is even far far out of shape. Also his wig that he wears which has been noticeable since Glimmer Man is really going to continue to annoy me. The dude is bald and needs to accept it.

All in all Im looking forward to it and im still hoping Sly finally casts Michael Biehn who greatly needs a career boost. I mean this man is a very very very underated character actor and I see why James Cameron always casted him and wanted him in Avatar until he casted Weaver and said might as well not because it will make people think of Aliens. Biehn was to play the role Stephen Lang played in Avatar. Hopefuly they cast Michael Biehn in Avatar 2 and 3.

I mean seriously Michael Biehn is a very underated actor.

Terminator - Kyle Reese
The Seventh Sign - Russell Quinn
Aliens - Dwayne Hicks
The Abyss - Hiram Coffee (should have won an freakin oscar cause he was believable as someone who went crazy.)
Navy SEALs - James Curran
K2 - Taylor Brooks
Tombstone - Johnny Ringo
The Rock - Charles Anderson
The ARt of War - Robert Bly
Grindhouse - Sheriff Hague

I mean this guy really gets into his characters. Even his made for DVD movie that he directed The Victem he has some very bone chilling lines

I mean the acting in it is aweful except from Michael Biehn. He always seems to get into any character he plays and its amazing to me he never got bigger roles. I know he cant be labled hard to work with because everyone whos ever worked with him only has great things to say about him and hes always laid back and calm.

He somehow has played so many millitary type characters and you dont see them as just Michael Biehn playing millitary characters you just see him as those characters. Like you see him as Kyle Reese you think Kyle Reese. When he played Dwayne Hicks in Aliens like there was nothing that was carried over from Reese he totally got into another character and you completely saw him as Dwayne Hicks in Aliens. Same can be said for Navy SEALs and The Abyss.

James Cameron pushed to get an Oscar nom for the Abyss because he was very outstanding in that film. The film wasnt amazing it was just a good film but Michaels preformance in the film was just amazing especially the scenes where he went crazy.

Another good preformance was in Tombstone as Johnny ringo. I thought he acted in the movie just as well as Val Kilmer did who should have won an Oscar for Doc Holliday. Biehn as Ringo was just the perfect adversary for Val as Doc. They matched eachother in acting ability I thought in the film. Like just watch the first time they meet in the movie Tombstone.

This dude is a very underated actor and I think would be prefect for expendables 3. Stallone wanted him in Expendables 2 but Biehn was too busy shooting other films.
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