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Default Re: Indonesian tsunami again

true but since when as life been fair?

Slightly off topic but i think i remember hearing we are due for some major natural disasters as it is anyway,you know,the kind that happens every so many thousands of years.

Apprently there's a huge earthquake due.....lets just hope it's on land otherwise it could cause another bad ass tsunami.

I think i remember hearing something about 2012 being the time all these natural disasters kick off bad style...i can't even rememebr where i know that from but meh......proberly true.

If you need anymore truth as to global warming ahppening just look at england-it's been as hot as some tropical islands and even some parts as brazil today.Those who don't know our usualy whether pattern it usually consits of being:


^exatly the way i like it....god damn heat does my head in.

Anyway i bring up the topic of global warming because it's going to cause many tradgic disasters,obviously not like this but perhaps with hurricanes doing major damage,major floodign and all the other stuff.

^kinda makes you think the worlds heading for a big change soon.

One of my fav films is called "The day after tommorrow" i suggest you watch it because it's pretty good(though it's not really anything to do with tsunami's,but hell it's still good to watch and informative)
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