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Default Re: superman vs hulk

Originally Posted by SSJKarma View Post

totally false, they fought often, hulk was always the winner.
can't say he isn't strong or holding up his ground, most of their fights were always twice if not 3 times longer then anybody else.

never in 100 light years time.
the only way for sentry to win against him would be to teleport him out of the fight zone.
i wouldn't call that owning if you are force to do that. sentry is not a fighter by the way. far from it, he's actually very weak physically.

odins quite strong, but just like thor, in a real combat situation, he'd lose overtime.
would probably be forced like sentry to teleport hulk somewhere else.

oh you are speaking of the hero who is all muscles no brain...
ok yeah right... hercules by the way could never lift thors hammer, hulk did a few times !

everybody as well, thats why they usually needs the avengers, the xmen and half the planet to actually defeat him. that said, hulks pretty much the only guy galactus cannot stop in its track on a single shot.

yeah, really ? funny as far as i am concerned, silver surfer never fought hulk head on. why would he not if he's stronger, better and uncut... no seriously... silver surfer or any of the galactus servants for that matter. are god like. and by god like i'm speaking way above the asguardians. if you have to bring gods to the battlefield in order to kick hulks ass... you are really desperate. and again, hulks not going down in one blow unlike most of the marvel universe who does against silver surfer.

go for it, i'm willing to shot down every single foes you will find against hulk.

with or without the infinity gauntlet ?
because if thats the case he can kill the whole reality on a whim so it at that point nobody even can. which renders this point, pointless... to begin with. and i suggest you go read the infinity war... you might learn a few things about thanos and how hulk is pretty much the only one who can fight him on par.
Thor is a GOD. The time that RULK picked up thors hammer was when Mjolner was still in Thors hands. Strength has nothing to do with carrying mjolnir. You have to be worthy to be able to pick it up.
Hulk has never really defeated Thor. Thor always holds back because he doesn't want to hurt bruce. FYI, Thor has KILLED hulk in cannon 616 universe. where as, hulk has never killed thor is immortal and with odin force thor can just beat around hulk like a stuffed doll.

And please don't even compare Odin to Hulk. He can kill him before Hulk gets angry enough to be on the same level as him. Odin has beaten silver surfer and thanos on a 2 on 1 and both of them are cosmic beings. What makes you think that The Hulk stands a chance against the strongest Asgardian?

Hercules is all muscle but no brain? Then what exactly is Hulk?

Abomination has KILLED the hulk as well. Even though Hulk has beaten him.

Zeus has kicked around Hulk like a ragged doll!

People need to get it out of their head that Marvel universe is more than just Hulk.

I've seen Thanos manhandle Hulk and the Thing together, Thanos has the physical powers of the Hulk but the powers of SilverSurfer (energy manipulation) and more, his aggression also is what makes him so dangerous, Hulk wants to smash Thanos wants to kill.
Thanos's only danger in fighting Hulk would be fist to fist only no powers although like Hulk Thanos can get stronger using his powers to embue his body.

and Hulks power isn't limitless. Have we seen him have unlimmited strength? No. His potential is unlimmitted. Which means there is not a known CAP to his strength. He is as strong as he is angry. Period. That doesn't mean infinite. Because if he was infinitely strong, he'd be infinitely weak as well. Its just a cap, his potential strength doesn't have a limmit. But his anger has only gotten him so far. Thanos PHYSICALLY puts Hulk down for the count before Hulk gets to any dangerous levels.

Hulk fan boys need to chill down seriously.

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