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Originally Posted by RyuKenGouken View Post
Thanks for welcoming me to this great forum Sha and thanks for the advice but i have been playing Street Fighter ever since Street Fighter 2 came out on the Super Nintendo.However i am always still practicing and i admit i do still need training and i may take you up on your offer i am only a average fighter i would not say i am very good just ok
Okay for right now I will give you some information that you must know before you start your gaming experience in SFO. Street Fighter Online is way different from the Super Nintendo entertainment system's.
1. In this game you cannot use the same moves in a repeated pattern.
- If you do it will not register on your opponent screen. That goes for specials, you must use two different specials for them to register on your opponent screen.

2. Lag plays a big part in Street Fighter Online.
- In recent months we have fell into a bind keeping the game alive and the outstanding members did our parts in making sure the dream never dies, now we have the equipment that will reduce lag dramatically. (Right now, you have to guess where your opponent is on the field because even though they are attacking you from the front it is a chance they're ready to attack you from behind, hit you and moved somewhere else on the field too, but the moves you thought you were blocking and countering registered on your screen, but didn't register on your opponent screen, watch out and make wise choices.

3. Unvindication and Vindication
- Un vindication your specialing ability will be a lot more easier to prevent from happening and your attacks and specials are not as flashy as vindicator. Vindicated moves are stronger and are harder to block, but not by much.

4. V.I.P vs Non-V.I.P
- on the forum they are green, in-game they are brownish-Orange? They're are more advance and harder to dodge, so instead of using 3 specials with one character you can use up to 3-5 specials with most characters, normally having the advantage over the non-V.I.P, Non-V.I.P is the opposite, limited abilities.

5. CREED Wars, Hell fire creeds
- When you enter the main menu in-game, at the bottom left corner you will see TMC you can choose the Hell Fire or Creed Wars to pick your creed we have nutural creeds that reset your abilities back to default, you can choose Lacan, they have the health advantage, what I mean is taking damage would be as bad as if you didn't have the creed. Vampire creed, gives you the strength advantage, dealing a significant amount of damage to your opponent.

In closing I hoped I helped you enough, and your settings located in the menus you can edit your controls to your liking. Hope this helped and good luck.

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