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Default Re: World Wide Wrestling Please Read First Paragraph

Originally Posted by Wolfeh View Post
He's just getting a well deserved break from the spotlight.

Frankly WWE and wrestling in general don't entertain me anymore... but based on the 15 or so years I watched religiously I can safely say that creations like John Cena and Ryback ruined the genre.
I agree but disagree, I 100% agree with Ryback, he's the fake Golburg, I didn't like John Cena when he became that Military style type guy, but when he was The Dr. of Thug o Nomic's that was really good. I've learned to respect John Cena, he's not in it for form or Fashion he's there to wrestle, and he's the future of the business.

I love Randy Ortan but he has been in the business just as long as John Cena, so it can't be two, it can only be one, but I'm putting my money on John Cena, Cena can play the heel role very well and Baby face, Randy is only good as a heel, his baby face suck.

I loved wrestling from 1998-2012, If I'm honest, I haven't been in love with the show since Wrestlemaina 20. That's that 2004 or 2003?

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