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Default Re: Jay-Z says Eminem is the most overrated rapper of all time.

Originally Posted by shad0wslayer View Post
all of the rappers I named are lyrically better than tupac. Meaning, based on lyrics alone. Not how successful they were/are or their stage presence.

So you must of just been listening to Pac's Main stream music..... really follow his catalog you'll find that he is quite lyrical himself so no....we were never talking about how successful he was.

We've been talking about lyrics all along.

But hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinion though, So I won't force pac being the greatest onto your top tier list.

Originally Posted by SSJKarma View Post
Shadow, i'm not into musics the same way some of you do... but there is one thing that reguardless of what type of music you do, will never change. the fact that the music comes from your guts ! emotions, feelings, education, the environment from which you were born. all of that is mixed into your songs to create your music lyrics.

saying i will never understand hip hop is an understatement.
because hip hop is like every other musics... if its done with your guts, then it will be good. if its not, it will sucks. the background story of each rapper has no interest per say, its only good to the rapper himself in the way that he can use that for his lyrics.

the only reason most of you likes hip hop, is because they think they are gangstas and most of you just like gangstas because you think they are cooler then being a regular guy. its as much as a common fact as the fact that 90% of the D&D community wants to play evil !

i'm not going into that mold...
when i listen to a music. i listen at the words more then anything else. then the music comes after.
i hate most rappers cause they put up some huge **** into their musics... often passing their EGO above everything else thinking they are the best of the world. literally trying to be a god. i may not know them full well... i may not know who wrote which songs... and i'm quite sure all of them had a good one here and there... but i'm also sure that im not gonna like it if they start telling the world how they made love with that bitch and how they treated that women in their head.
I genuinely got a good laugh out of this....there is much more to "Hip-Hop" or just rapping/rappers in general than what you are saying....

a common fact as the fact that 90% of the D&D community wants to play evil !
What is D&D? I hope you're not referring to Dungeons & Dragons....If so...that just proves right there how much you know. There's no way in hell you can even remotely use the two different topics with one another even if it is trying to "prove" a statistical fact. (which isn't really a fact at all)

I'll just break it down for you right now something simple for you to understand.

No....Rap is not "cool" because we think they're portraying "Gangsters" and we think its "Cooler" than being a regular guy.

The Hip-hop culture boosted because it began with a group of black people talking about the average struggles in their community (which most low poverty communities can relate to)

So before you try use labels as "Gangsters" I propose you come to one of these low poverty communities and try to live there for a year. You'll see that the lifestyle is not a means to portray a gangster, but a simple way of surviving in the streets and making it out.

That's why Hip-hop boosted because "we" being the underdogs rise above adversity with a story that was felt mostly throughout other Low poverty communities.

Nothing Gangster about it at all...Just because the average rapper talks about...
  • Sold Drugs just to provide meals for yourself / family
  • Seen more than one murder at a young age
  • Needed a gun, just for protection from a random robbery / beat down
  • Days / weeks without eating
  • Shut off notices from utility company's
  • Getting your utilities cut back on "illegally" for 150 by a guy named chuck.
  • Eviction notices
  • Welfare lines longer than a bank giving away free checks.
  • Kids starving and no "legit" way to provide for them without engaging in illegal activity

Understand this is exactly how it is....I can tell you truthfully most of the stuff on that list I did/went through.

So to you it's some extravagant lifestyle that rapper portray but no....this is the average life of the low poverty black community.

So yes, Rappers will rap about how they survived in their area and what they had to / have to do to make end meet.

Let me tell you in my area no one is labeled a gangster...not at all...Why? because everyone's "Gangster" if that's the term you want to use but really.

Everybody have a gun, why? because in my area it's either kill or be killed.....its sad but this is the times we're living in.. Some people have the mentality that..."well if I get robbed I just get robbed" but see, they don't just rob you no more and leave when they come to rob you, 95% chance they're going to shoot you after.

Don't believe me, just look up my local news network and watch the broadcasting I see daily. And no one is safe.....A couple weeks ago a guy tried to do a Snatch and run on a unsuspecting women....he snatched her purse soon as he got it from off her arm he turned around and shot her....No reason....he was masked up one is leaving witnesses anymore.

The moral of the's not "acting" it's how it is.

Now, I'm not saying all rappers go through it....but in a sense either went through it or was around someone who did go through it.

But your comparison was just crazy. That's like me saying.

The worst thing on Canadian news is some maple syrup went missing (and that's about as a common fact as 99% of black people eat fried chicken)
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