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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (JohnnyBlaze @ Aug. 22 2006,17:00)]
Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ((Light)Ryu @ Aug. 22 2006,16:41)]i think i speak for all the rockers/metalheads out there when i say we are all laughing at you right now lol first of all gun n roses and metallica is just a name for a band on the other hand 50 cent is just an idiotic name that the guy named that thinks is cool they probably name thmselves that cuz they are ashamed of their real names i think i speak for most people that guns n roses or metallica is a much better name than 50 cent, money in other words oh and Q-tip? something u clean out ur ears with lmao what a joke did i mention eminem candy in other words, if thats his name then im skittles lmao!!
Again, why can't they name the bands after theirselves?

That's like saying, Spider-man is a stupid name, and he should of named himself Peter Parker.

I said cool it down you 2,don't make me take action

................And's not exactly orginal is it lol

"I have the powers of a spider and i'm a man.......what should i called myself...."

Essentially thats what guns an roses did though.
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