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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (LegacyofKain @ Aug. 23 2006,13:50)]
Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (JohnnyBlaze @ Aug. 23 2006,13:45)]
Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (SPIRIT-WOLF @ Aug. 23 2006,05:10)]There are certain things that people have to understand about todays music: Rockers all use the same insturments, the same computerization, and the same voice enhancement. Only, the voice enhancements make them sound like Evlis Costello. And that's one of the most insulting bands of the 80s. They make fun of the fact that they're nerds. Bands with weird names, like Queen and Britny Fox and Skid Row? Well to make sense of it, Queen is a ### band, Britny Fox is the name of the band leaders girlfriend, and Skid Row is a real town. Guns 'N' Roses is a dirivitive of Axl Rose and L.A. Guns. Black Sabbath is a Lattin term for Dark Sunday, gothic themes. Bands have always came up with weird names, but they all have their reasons. Most of them really SUCK. But they're still reasons. Much like rappers of today. Eminem = Marshal Mathers. He chose the name of a chocolate candy.
Uh No.

Eminem is the INITIALS of his name


Marshal MAthers.


and lightryu, don't make this a "metal" vs "Rap" topic.

ANd MJ doesn't suck. He revoloushinized[SP?] Music as it is today.

And i'm betting you're just not liking artists that are black?
Well spirit actually already stated it was from his own initials and then went and stated it's also named after a candy thing.

Also hating black's a dumb arguement considering most of us Idolize Jimmy Hendrix.

But i'll agree....don't turn it into a rap vs rock topic.

Besides no one here's mentioning the other stuff,like what songs we SHOULD listen to.All i ask that you both be open minded about each others music.

Not all metal is good,not all rap is good.But it won't harm us to tell each other to listen to certain good peices of each musical type.

After all it'll broaden your horizons a little.
Eminem = Marshal Mathers. He chose the name of a chocolate candy

Jimmy hendrix is black? oops, i take that away then.

btw, it just sounds like he is saying his real name, to his rap name.

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