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Default Gambit's Balancing Act - List of things to change.

Hiya people, i thoguht after playing gambit for a few times that it would be great to compare what others think of him and whats his weaknesses and how to actually bump it up to par with say ryu.

let's start by comparing what people think of him and if there are numerous things people all agree on. let me start my own, you'll see that its kinda short per say, but the more i'll play the more i'll see.

#1 - Royal Flush recovery time.
It seems that royal flush is a move we can't really do. because unlike the other RDs int he game this one has a major drawback if not used to kill the opponent. because of lag issues... when the royal flush finishes, gambit stays in his pose for far longer then he should. at that time, may have you hit or not, the opponent already recovered from it and will pump out a super that will just annihilate you on the spot. so to me the recovery time seems too big right now.

#2 - Air - Kinetic Card
This brings me back to memories of spiderman and the times where he could simply web shoot infinitely and just stay hidden in the air after super jumping. i understand that lags enter play here, since in story mode i couldn't pull this off. but at the same time, its just awefull how you can simply stay int he air and throw almost infinite kinetic card. im usually not fast enough to do this. yet gambit somehow i am able while none other char allow me to do that. briefly said, gambit shouldn'T be able to stay in the air infinitely.

#3 - Cajun Slash
it might just me, but at this point i doubt it. i have no problem pumping out ryus shoryuken or wolverine claw uper but somehow gambits cajun slash doesn'T come out that esily when im on the ground. somehow even if i do the motion it just seems to register the last input which is the HP or the punches. but when i do this in the air, buffering the moves, it has no problem doing it as soon as it hits the ground. so basically when i do it in the middle of another move, he will register it, and once i try it right away on the floor. it just register the punch itself. again might just be me, but i think we got a bug there.

for now, the solution i have for these...
#1 - just make the recovery time on royal flush a tad faster.

#2 - just like the web head, gambit should continu to lower as he throws his cards. that way he will end up ont he floor sooner or later.

#3 - not even sure if this is true or if its just me, but again i have no problem using that combination on other chars. so why would i have on him. if we can confirm this to be true, it would need to be fixed.

thats all i have for now.
so if some of you alrady have ideas on weaknesses and how to bump them up to par in power, go for it.
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