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Default Re: Gambit's Balancing Act - List of things to change.

Gambit does have horrible knockback and recovery times. He loses easily to spam
from hadokens, symbiote byte, unibeams etc.
may have just been lag then, but i was easily able to follow on all hadoukens.
also you may not have noticed it, but gambits cards are actually hadoukens. he throws in the cards one of those pink arrows, its that arrow that actually hit, not the cards. as for knockback... you mean when he gets hit and he gets knocked off or you mean his recovery time fromt he hit. as in animation takes too long ?

Flat out counter is juggernaut. Cajun slash is a great move but seems to have a
horrible priorty against a lot of characters especially against juggernaut.
juggernaught as always been like that. never seen anybody go against it. saw a juggernaught user against a gambit, he wrecked him, the same juggernaught fought ryu, got wrecked the very same way. so i dont understand your point there, juggernaught plays the same way reguardles of against who you play.

again i also dont understand what you mean by priority screw up. care to explain that one as well. cause to me everytime i wanted out of a corner i had to do a cajun slash hard. and from the very beginning of it, till the very end of it. i was invincible and passing thru everything. but i'll give you that much, against a fast char like wolverine, its really hard to get out of a corner rape. but those characters are kinda made for corner rape to begin with.

Some people complain that its a bug for him to be able to hit people in the air
with cajun slash and his down hp. I personally like it, he has a long stick, it
makes sense imo. Not the end of the world when it gets fixed.
i agree, i dont see where the problem is. its not like he could hit you at the very top of the stage.

The only reason you'll be eating a special after youre royal flush Karma is if
they countered your flush with a special. You have enough time to block after
your Royal Flush if you hit it. It's just a lag thing.
i mainly saw this in practice mode, where there is 0 lag... and sentinel was hit by royal flush, once it ended, sentinel had time to start his plasma beam. do you even know how long it takes that plasma beam to start up ? i sure do, plasma beam is one of the longest to start super and it had time to fire off and get me before i could even come out of the stance.

if anything in-game it shows much less due to the lag effect.
in fact staying in the air in practice is way harder to pull then online for the sole purpose of Lag being there. same happens for his royal flush. oh and... the story i tryed was awakening, and the last five, both those stories dont have much cheats enabled and the computers are about 1 frame faster only. and thus are almost perfect for testing charcaters.

online i was able to royal flush a few times and get off with it. but that was due to the opponent not reacting too fast on it. you know how lag is. but i guarantee you... in a no lag environment, you will see what i mean by recovery time too long on royal flush.

just for the record, once we have discussed this... im going to make a list that i will send to TFist so he can forward it to tmyapp for tweaks. thats if tmyapp doesn't check this to begin with. as for the title... go ahead find me a better title then.... it can't be about OP thing, it cannot be weaknesses, it can't be about bugs. all around wouldn't really give you any real clues now would it ?

my goal is not just to talk about weaknesses, but his strong points. so we have a reference to what we want him to be able to do. but if you find a better title, i'll be glad to just change it.
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