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Default Re: Spam guide

First, read the rules. That's the most important thing here. READ THE RULES. READ THEM, READ THEM, READ THEM! Then remember them, damn it. These are the most important part of this forum. You read them, then you read this. OKAY?

Part A. What is spam? Spam is a Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. Remember this.

By spamming you are effectively being a burden on other members. This is something that you can easily avoid if you take into consideration the fact that:

The many links inside certain sections of this forum are called threads, or topics. Each forum has specific guidelines which are displayed underneath their name. For example General:

Guideline: General items having nothing to do with SFO

There are two kinds of internet message boards, threaded and unthreaded. Threaded message boards are called Forums. These means that there are specific forums inside the message board which are basis for discussion. Unthreaded message boards have no forums. As this is not an unthreaded message board, I will not bother posting what you do there.

This message board is threaded. This means that in each forum, there is a topic. In each first post of each topic, there is a specific topic starting question/statement which carries a discussion followed by way of the first post. Whatever the FIRST POST in the topic is about is what the discussion following throughout the rest of the topic is based on.

If you have a specific question or statement that you wish to convey, you must first find the proper forum. Then, either find a topic which is based on what you wish to say or include, or create a topic of your own in which others will answer your question or reply their feelings toward.

If you can not post a topic in a certain section, it is because of your current user status. This can be annoying and can lead you to THINK your only option is to find a topic and state your case. This is wrong. You must make a topic here in New Members Help Center and say that you are experiencing this problem. I'm sure an admin would be more than happy to fix this problem for you.

Part B. How to avoid spam!

Avoiding spam is easier than you may think. You must always know what the main point of the topic you are posting in is. This means, taking the time to read the first post, some of the posts that come AFTER the first post and then post what you wish to say.

When you want to post something, you must think your post out. This means, you must make sure your post adds to the discussion or is at the very least based on what the discussion is about. Also, you must at least have proper punctuation. At the very least commas and periods. Although spelling isn't important, try to make it legible.

When posting, try to make the post longer than just a couple words. Try to avoid using bunches of smilies, as this makes you look stupid. Try to say what you wish to say in a sentence that has a beginning, middle AND end. For example, "i agree " is spam. "I think that this is a good idea." is NOT spam.

Double posting means posting more than once in a row. THIS IS BAD. To fix this, you instead look for the "edit" option which is in the section of your post where you can find "quote". This way, you can include what you forgot to say in the same post without posting again. It also allows you to edit what you may have made a mistake in saying.

You want a signature to show off, do you? Adding an image at the end of a post is also considered spam or noobism. To avoid this, you can simply add a signature by going to Your Control Panel, selecting Personal Info, Edit Profile, and then typing the following in the Your Signature box, located at the bottom:
<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">[img](insert image link)[/img][/QUOTE]
This will permanently embed the image in your posts until you change the image. HOWEVER, images of wallpaper size are not allowed. Keep your signature image small, around this size at the most:

As stated in the rules.

These should help you out in your time here. Please, do us ALL a favor by remembering them.
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