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Default Re: *The exercise/workout thread* - List Your Goals!

Originally Posted by SnuggLes__ View Post
This is what i did when I gained 30 pounds.. I urge you people not to do this..
I was in college dorm for 3 months by myself working and spending a lot of money on food...

My Monday through Friday (mandatory) Diet

3 servings of a Special Protein shake with creatine each day (Morning Afternoon & Night)
560 Cal per serving 150 grams per (Total 1680 calories)
Breakfast cereal 2 servings (Total 240 calories)
Lunch Burger King Chicken Strips (3 strips) with Small Vanilla Milk Shake (Total 861 cal)
Mid-Day Snack Ice Cream Sandwich ( Total 230 calories)
Dinner Cup O noodles (Total 290 Cal)
Food before bed Cereal: 2 servings (Total 240)

Total Daily Calorie count during the week = 3541 (there were times where I ate more than that)

My Saturday & Sunday (Mandatory) Diet

3 servings of special protein shake (Total 1680 cal)
Breakfast Cereal: 2 Servings (Total 240 cal)
Lunch Cup of Noodles (Total 290 cal)
Mid day Snack Ice Cream Sandwich (Total 230 cal)
Dinner Entire Med Pizza & Cinnimon sticks (Total 3200 cal)
Usually wouldn't have the stomach to eat cereal before bed, but sometimes I would eat one serving

Total Saturday Calorie count = 5640

Protein Shake (Total 1680 cal)
Cereal (Total 240 cal)
Noodles (Total 290 cal)
Dinner - Chinese Food lol (Total 2689.6)
- 3.5 pt: 2049.6cal
- 2 Fortune Cookies: 100cal
- 6 piece fried wings: 540cal
Again would feel sick to my stomach but would still manage to eat some cereal before bed some nights..

Total Sunday Calorie count = 4899.6

I went from weighing 145 pounds to 178 pounds in a 3 month span. I also Can tell you that it wasn't all muscle lololol

I stopped taking the protein shakes after I noticed a belly forming and as a result lost about 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Also there were a lot of other things going on as well personally that may have caused the weight loss.

EDIT I think I actually lost the 15 pounds over a span of 2 months.. Just felt like 3 weeks lol
Lol WOW!
You probably contained a LOT of water weight. Sodium helps you preserve a lot of water weight. From those "meals" you were eating, you were probably well over the sodium limit by.. oh... probably in the thousands!
Which is why before a bodybuilding competition (showing, not lifting), you'll see every bodybuilder stop eating sodium a week before, and on the day BEFORE the show, they'll start having spoons full of sugar to show the vascularity more.

Side note:
On a bodybuilding showing competition, the BB'ers are actually at their worse, not best. These guys are dehydrated, soft and weak. Someone like me could easily (seriously) beat up someone like Ronnie Coleman, because he is THAT week.

I have a few friends who competed and I hear ALL the horror stories.

But if you look at a LIFTING showing (fat power lifters usually, not aesthetic BB'ers), they're at their best. They'll crush me. Lol.

Originally Posted by killerdude10 View Post
I always though lifting for low reps increased strength but not build as much muscle as you can in the 8-12 rep range. I guess I'll give this routine a go and keep on posting my progress.
More reps are usually only good for one thing: joints.
(and maybe endurance, stamina, etc).

If you want to grow muscle, you need to tear muscle. Muscle tears by contracting the muscle with heavy things (weights), and pushing your muscle's limit, even if it's only for a short time.
Usually when people do the "comfort" weights 8-10 times, they're not helping tear anything. Which is why 3-5 reps are best for GROWING muscle.
(If you can't do even 3, lessen the weight but if you can do more than 5, go heavier.)
This also helps you see where you stand.

Make sure you DO switch it up every 7-8 weeks and give your joints a break.
ALWAYS PROPERLY WARM UP YOUR MUSCLES BEFORE LIFTING 3-5 REPS. (Even if that means doing 3-4 "warm up sets" of 8-10 reps before the "workout sets".)

Just read Maxx OT, you'll be glad you did.

Elena, you should also read it, and it explains in great detail about the proper form of each exercise, including squats.
I did 295x3 on Tuesday doing ATG and my knees feel great.
for my bodyweight (183), doing 295 ATG squats is pretty good.

Originally Posted by masterbob View Post
weigh yourself after you wake up. body weight changes drastically throughout the day, the most reliable is the morning I believe
I have rolls when i sit down even though I have a 6 pack when standing up, cause I have terrible terrible posture (well when i slouch a loooooot)

generally less reps more weight for bigger muscles, more reps less weight for leaner muscles
endurance vs power. Think about olympic runners, the marathon runners are mad skinny but can run a looong time while the sprinters are buff but are only fast for a short distance.

I'd say 6-10 reps for heavy stuff, maybe 6-8. I don't like doing only 4-6 reps of an exercise, but my goal isn't to become wider than a bus heh.

nice job on the sticky
I like your comparison about the sprint vs runner.
My next cut, I'm gonna start sprinting. There's a nice soccer field next to my apt, which closes at 7pm. After I get out of the gym around 7:30, I'm going to start jumping over the fence to go jogging/sprinting, haha.

And thanks. =D
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