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Default Re: [ Archive Forum Revivial]

As the topic title/description suggests the archive forum is Here . Many attempts were made weeks after the database got corrupted and I tried who knows how many times to setup a new forum from scratch and then import the corrupted database but would always end up with the lovely "cgi error" screen which we tend to even see here every now and then Exporting was always an issue and it always failed but here we are 2 years later and I gave it another go but not on SFO's domain or on any other web host server online since most servers are "Linux" like this one. Me and Linux don't get along at all so yeah...the solution was giving a window's box a try and that turned out to be a success which you will see the moment you click the link above.

If you missed it or ignored it here it is again http://nferno666.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/ikonboard.pl

Installing Apache,Perl,PHP and MySQL was the easy part...configuring apache was a whole different story though since no matter what I did or change the link above NEVER worked...but after the 4th day I think I rechecked everything and was about to call the thing off AGAIN but then I remembered that I have Microsoft's evil firewall enabled aka even if all my port forwarding were right on my hardware firewall(router) I also had to have windows permission for it which usually never a problem since I get a prompt when ports/programs request access but Apache being the devil it is NEVER gave me such a option but yeah I added the correct ports and like magic the web server was 100% functional .

Who knows how many hours of sleep I got last week since all I remember doing was getting home from work at 5:30PM only to work/troubleshooting apache till 4AM only to get nowhere each time. Once that was "fixed" though installing Ikonboard was no problem what so ever...except every module/script was made for Linux and I had to modify each cgi/pl scripts so they could communicate with Perl correctly which took a full day but I finally got version 3.1.2a installed (The Version this forum is on) so then came the importing...which I honestly though would fail like all the other attempts back in late August 2005 but after say a good hour of importing like I predicted it failed…BUT I loaded the link on the browser and it worked…but everything was not there but I remembered not only did I have the export copy of the database but I also have a copy of the WHOLE forum so what I did next was just replace certain folders and reloaded and everything worked like a charm

I was able to create and export a working copy of that and the results are pretty good. The only problem for now is that the database is still a DBM database and it can or better yet WILL corrupt again after time unless proper maintenance is made which will require me to make a backup either once a week or once a month depending on how many users modify the data. To help ease things up a bit and “try” to prevent that the forum will be set to READ-ONLY meaning that everyone’s posting rights are disabled and no new users will be able to register since I also disabled registrations. Members Profiles can still be modified though for those users who wish to log in and update their signs or whatever

You will also notice the forum looks a bit different…the reason for that is because I was able to get the working export of the database to work with the latest version of ikonboard…I tried to convert the database from DBM to MySQL but creating the tables was to much of a hassle and failed each time with new errors...basically I fixed a problem and a new one would show up. “Maybe” later on in the future I will convert it to MySQL but more than likely it will remain what it is now and once it starts failing again that’s where the backup’s will kick in

Let me remind you that user registrations are DISABLED and won’t ever be enabled since the purpose of that forum is for viewing purposes only. You will be able to look at the forum just fine as a guest either way…as for the VIP/Mod’s/Admins your status will not be changed and you’ll be seeing whatever you had access to back in the day…in other words if you weren’t a VIP/MOD/ADMIN back then you wont have access to those sections of the forum.

If the link doesn’t work or you get a page not found error just hit refresh and it will eventually load depending on how many users are viewing it…the SFO Game Server might slow it down a bit but not much since usually the server is empty 99% of the time yet the moment it’s down it’s the end of the world and you kids come to the forum as if there are no other options/servers

If it gets to become a real problem then I’ll try optimizing and reconfiguring the Apache server and see If things run a bit smoother.

With all that said I think it’s time I try to recover some sleep time…or try to at least


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