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Default Re: WW3: RPG Game

ok, this is how its gonna work:

its 2024, world war 3 is in full gear. the frontlines are in the middle east, where every nation in the mid-east wants israel wiped off the map; northwest N. America, where an invasion from asia throws the US and Canada on the defense; east and central africa, where severe droughts are causing water wars; the amazon, where rebellions are striking up in key nations; and across continental US, where the civil war might start off again.

now the rules are:

Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]#1 - YOU CAN'T KILL A CHARACTER !
unless you got the owner authorisation.
#2 - don't control characters that aren't yours !
unless you got authorisation from the owner, or if the move in needed.
KEDJIN:"why do you like adventures MIZUKI ?"
MIZUKI:"because it acknowledge my life !"
see, i controllled mizuki, because conversations are inevitable.
some situation can be necessary for you to make you move someoneelse's characters.
but i suggest you talk with the owner about the situation before writing your part !
#3 - no flaming, no dissing, no bragging !
if for some reason you got a problem with a player, PM him.
if you got a problem with someone's post messing up your story that you had in mind.
then fudge your idea and deal with the actual story, cause its the way RPG works !
#4 - keep comments in [OOC] [/OOC] which means Out Of Character
again, don't over use em, don't do entirely OOC post ! if ya want to talk, do it in PMs !
#5 - no characters are main hero of the story. the whole group is.
that means, no INVINCIBLE char. all chars have strong points and weaknesses,
balancing the char is easy to do and makes the siteplay even more fun !
#6 - describe a lot ! the more you describe a scene, the less confusion there will be.
remember, a fight cannot be done in only two sentences.
you make a scene, then add details to it, describe it to your best !

#7 - enjoy yourselves ! that's the key to an RPG. loving your characters make you get more into the RPG and story !
now remember to keep most of your ideas realistic. you can create a super strong human that uses an invisible cloak generator but he cant shoot laser beams out of his eyes. try to take an existing gun and advance it 15-30 years into the future and imagine what upgrade they would make on it (like the 1960s era M14 to today's M16)

I will start us off in North America.

In the early days of the ongoing war on earth, Russia and China made a pact along with N. Korea to form the Asian Union. On the other hand, with the US waning in power, they sought desperation. Along side with the forced support of Canada, sympathy support from Great Britain, and with numerous technological equipment at their disposal, the New World Order was announced as the 3 countries forged the NWO Army. These alliances both moved forces to the bearing straight. With the upper hand on mobilization, the AU landed in Alaska first, forcing the NWO forces to go on the defense. As the transport ships move closer in towards the Alaskan coastline, one russian soldier converses with his commander.

"So sir, what exactly is the god of war gonna do for us?"
"Assisting us, of course. He is an amazing warlord, you seen his fighting techniques."
"But why are those children with him? The Geneva Convention bans children from fighting in wars."
"That's something you would have to take up with him, if you wanna challenge him."

Another soldier at the helm of the ship comes up to him.

"General Stromberg, we're in position."
"Hold it steady now, we need the signal from him first."


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