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Default [Winners Announced]+News Survival Week May


Survival Mode will miss a week due to "construction"

This will bring 1v1's no tag to early rounds - 1 round only.
Improved AI difficulty / settings
Shorter round Set - Reduced to 25 from 80 + 1 Final Boss fight.
Fight breaks, after every round.
and more..

So, we will miss 1 week, and when we return, look forward to less agonizing play-throughs, and a more positive experience.

View Last Survival Week's Winners!

Survival Week #3 - May 15-21

--Now with reduced difficulty and reduced damage & armor on all A.I controlled characters.

--mCode, post game message prize awarded for each tier of Survivor
What is Survival Week?

Survival Week is a Bi-Weekly EVENT, hosted Every Other Monday, found in the TMC menu under the ">>>> EVENT <<<< " area. Survival Week is an adaptation using the Survival Mode, spanning the entire week, where SFO players fight through 80 pre-loaded battles including "Mid-Boss" battles at the end of every wave. A wave consists of 10 battles of A.I controlled characters, varying in difficulty every 10 waves.

Mid-Boss battles also vary in difficulty, but also have various "Buffs" including strength, size etc..

Every wave, or 10 matches completed your progress will be tracked, you MUST complete at least 10 matches for any progress to be tracked.
Also, there is a REST period at the end of each wave, it is suggested you take that time to "Re-up" on your energy drinks and Doritos.. you'll need it for the next wave

How to WIN Survival Week?

The answer to that question is easy. Button Mash.
For the duration of the week, May 15-21, or Monday to Sunday, players will mash their keyboards into dust, finishing Survival Mode as many times as possible .. or die trying.

At the end of the week, names will be tallied, and prizes will be issued based off of how many times a players name has been entered into the progress tracker. The further you make it into Survival Mode, the better the reward.
Remember, you need to finish at least ONE (1) wave to have your progress tracked for the lowest tier reward.

What are our rewards?

Top entry for completing Survival Mode
" Alpha Survivor " in-game title
Any 5 colors from this list - Character Color List (Non-staff colors)
" Alpha Survivor forum title"
"I've fiercely walked the survivalist road alone, and was victorious!" Post match mCode

Completing Survival Mode
" Alpha-Beta Survivor " in-game title
Any 2 colors from Color List 1-3, in this this list - Character Color List (Non-staff colors)
"I am the greatest survivor around!" Post match mCode

Top entry for reaching the highest wave in Survival Mode
" Beta-Omega Survivor " in-game title
Any 3 colors from Color List 1-3, in this list - Character Color List (Non-staff colors)
"I will strive to be the greatest survivor one day!" Post match mCode

Consolation Prize
" Button Masher " in-game title
"Were all button mashers at heart... right?" Post match mCode

Where to find Survival Week ?

Under the " :: Survival Week Info :: Click Here :: " link in the TMC menu.

Go forth now, and Mash Buttons!
Click Here to Vote for the Zangief Dream Goal.

Need to contact blocky?

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