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Default Street Fighter/DBZ anime story

that I wrote but would probably not finish since it will end up being over 100 pages. Here is, post any opinions, suggestions, etc...

Goku, Piccolo, Krillen, and Gohan were training outside Goku’s house when the ground began to shake. Piccolo immediately thought of Cell. Can Cell be doing this? Piccolo asked himself. No, that’s impossible. We killed him already, he reassured himself. A huge blue blast was seen rising behind the mountains, leading its way into the sky until it finally disappeared into outer space.
All three fighters stared at it, speechless. "What the hell was that?" Krillen asked out loud, breaking the silence. With his mouth and eyes wide open, Goku simply replied," I don’t know." The ground finally stopped shaking, and the sound of the blast ended. It only lasted for about twelve seconds or so, but to Krillen it felt like eternity. He felt more relaxed now and his heart began beating normally again.
"I think we should check it out, "Piccolo told the others. Everyone agreed. They were getting ready to leave when Chichi opened the front door of the house and stood there with her hands on her hips. She gave Gohan a devilish look, and yelled out, "And where do you think you're going!? You have to wash the dishes, clean your bedroom, and do your homework."
Rubbing the back of his head with his hand and feeling a little bit embarrassed that his mother still treated him like a child, Gohan replied, "Ah, come on, Mom."
"Give him a break, Chichi" Goku told her.
Chichi quickly turned to Goku and pointed her index finger at him.
"Don’t you ever tell me how to raise my own child? You got that, Goku!? Chichi shouted at him.
"Sorry," Goku apologized, staring at the ground now with his hands in his pockets. Piccolo and Krillen just stood there quietly, making sure they did not make the same mistake Goku had just made. Both of them had the guts to fight Frieza and Cell, but they knew perfectly well that arguing with Chichi, especially when it concerned her son, Gohan, was one of the worst mistakes anyone could ever make. The case was closed. Chichi won, and Gohan would stay home exactly as his mother said he would. Unexpectedly, another blast was seen coming up behind the same mountains. This time, however, the ground did not shake as much as it did the first time. Chichi was used to this by now since her husband fought many powerful fighters in the past who tried to blow up the planet into pieces.
"Let’s go," Goku told Krillen and Piccolo.
They flew away. Goku took a few seconds to look back at his small house and hoped to return home by lunchtime.

"Hadoken!" Ken Masters yelled at a tall man who wore a black eye patch. Sagat blocked most of Ken’s fireballs, but the rest of them hit him hard in the chest. Sagat could handle it. He was seven feet tall and had muscles the size of army tanks. He had a scar on his chest, but it was left there a long time ago by the only man who defeated him- Ryu. It was many years ago since he fought him. After losing that hard, long-lasting fight, Sagat had nightmares for several weeks about it, but he eventually recovered and went back to training and fighting. Today he had his chance of taking revenge by killing Ryu’s best friend, Ken. It wouldn’t be as easy as it sounded, Sagat thought to himself. The little brat in the red martial arts suit actually managed to get stronger and faster. Ken jumped in the air, getting ready for his flying kicks, but Sagat jumped at the same time and managed to land a knee to the chest. Ken landed on the ground with his knees and both opened hands touching the dirt for balance.
"Did you guys see that?" Krillen asked the others.
"I’ve never seen these two before, " Piccolo said.
"Yeah, me either," Goku agreed, scratching his head.
"I say we go down there and see what the heck is going on," Krillen told them.
Having his face down to the ground with a smirk on his face, Ken told Sagat that he could not be defeated so easily, that this was just a warm up for him.
"I haven’t had great training in a while, Sagat," Ken said. "I really appreciate it."
"You little piece of …" Sagat said and froze, without finishing his next word. His attention was now on the three men who were flying above his head.
They were slowly descending, landing near where Sagat and Ken were standing.
"Who the hell are you guys? Ken asked immediately.
"That’s the same thing we would like to know about you two," Krillen replied.
How about you tell me first?” Ken asked him.
"Look, we don’t have time for this. We asked a question and want an answer.” Piccolo said, sounding pissed off.
Sagat stared at Piccolo, wondering if he had the balls to fight Ken.
"You better watch out who you're talking like that to," Ken Masters replied.
"And what are you going to do about it?" Piccolo asked with a smirk on his face.
Ken fought back smiling, "I see I'm dealing with a wise ass here, a green wise ass, that is."
Piccolo attacked Ken with a fast punch aimed to the face. Ken knew exactly what was coming and ducked. He practiced this attack many times with Ryu. He quickly, with his right leg, tripped Piccolo to the ground, causing him to fall on his back. A smoke of dust surrounded the two, and when it finally cleared, Sagat and the others stood there watching Ken kneeling down, holding Piccolo's white cape around the neck.
"Next time it will be my fist in your mouth," Ken said.
Sagat had his arms crossed, looking down at Piccolo with a smirk of his own. Goku was a little bit surprised to see Piccolo miss a punch like that. He was able to sense Ken’s power level, but it wasn’t even high. Unless, Goku thought to himself, maybe Ken wasn’t revealing his true power. Piccolo stood up, brushing off the dusty dirt from his cape. He wasn’t hurt at all. He just couldn’t believe he missed, that’s all.
"You're lucky I didn’t hit you with all my force," Piccolo said, showing off his long, sharp white teeth.
"Well, you're lucky Ryu isn’t here right now because" Ken continued, "we would really leave some damage."
"Who?" Goku asked.
"Ryu. He’s my training partner," Ken replied.
"Sagat," someone whispered into Sagat’s ear. "Are you listening to me, Sagat? I asked a question." This was Bison right now. Sagat could hear him through a small ear piece device which was located inside his right ear. Bison sent Sagat on a mission to kill Ken, hoping it would anger Ryu and force him to unleash the evil power that was in him, the same power that possessed Akuma. If Bison’s plan worked, he would control Ryu and conquer the world.
"Sagat, I am ordering you to respond back, right this moment!" yelled Bison.

Bump: Sagat remained quiet. He didn't want the others to know that he was secretly communicating with someone . He wouldn’t kill Ken as Bison told him to. No, that would be a mistake. Instead, he would tell him about the other three men he met while fighting Ken.
"Oh, is that so?" Goku asked.
"Yes, that’s so. We’re entering the tournament everyone’s talking about. If you want some, you know where to find us," Ken answered.
"The World Martial Arts Tournament?" Krillen asked.
Ken responded, "Yeah, that one, and..."

The tournament was to take place in just a couple of days. All of the best fighters around the world were invited, including the undefeated, people’s champion, Hercules. At this moment Hercules was comfortably sitting on his couch at home, smiling as he watched himself on TV. A female reporter was interviewing a crowd of citizens gathered on a city street. They began chanting “Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!” They were only a few of many of Hercules' loyal fans.

Ken was interrupted by the sound of propellers and saw a helicopter coming their way. Wait, Ken told himself, that’s Bison. He noticed the Shadaloo logo of a skull with two eagle wings painted on the side of the helicopter. It got closer and closer and the noise became intolerable.
Ken jumped for cover on the right side while Goku, Krillen, and Piccolo went on the opposite side.
"What the hell is that?" Krillen asked, startled.
It didn't touch the ground. It stopped right above their heads A large metal door slowly opened. A shadowy figure was standing behind this door. Goku looked up and saw a muscular man wearing a red beret and army suit, and a cape. Smiling, Bison came out, levitated his body and descended down, only a few inches away from touching the ground. He called out for Sagat. Bison saw Ken standing there, but the other three men caught his attention. Strange, Bison told himself, I never seen these guys before. Bison faced them, and with his right gloved hand, made a fist. Bison’s hand now had a blue glowing surrounding it.

"Um… guys? I think he’s going to throw a big one at us." Krillen told Piccolo and Goku.
"Let's attack now!” Goku screamed.
Ken was surprised to see dozens of fireballs thrown at Bison. Bison just stood still, waiting patiently, smiling. When the fireballs finally reached him, his whole body turned blue. All of the fireballs that were thrown at him bounced off his body and were thrown back at the direction where they from.
Clouds of smoke and dust surrounded the entire place. Everyone coughed and some covered their eyes with their hands. It took a couple of seconds for the smoke to finally clear. Goku, Piccolo, Krillen, and Ken were left there standing, watching Bison's helicopter leave. Ken was the only one to notice that Sagat was missing.

Ryu could see the logo on the helicopter from far away and knew it was Bison immediately. He kept running as fast as he could, hoping to find Ken. But when Ryu finally reached him, he noticed that there were others with him. The helicopter had already left the scene when he arrived.
"Ken, what the hell happened?" Ryu asked, sounding worried.
"Bison and Sagat. They escaped," Ken said.
"What?" Ryu asked, not understanding what had just occurred.
"And who the hell are they?" he asked, looking directly at Krillen, Piccolo, and finally at Goku, who were staring back at him.
"I’m Goku," Goku replied, unsure of what else to say. The first thing he noticed about Ryu was his white karate suit, the red bandana around his head, and the fact that he was also barefoot just like Ken.

A moment went by without anyone saying a word.
"Who was that?" Krillen asked.
Ryu stared at him and found him to be a little too short for an adult.
"Bison," Ryu answered back.
"Man, that guy has major problems," Krillen responded.
"Are you guys okay?" asked Ryu. He noticed a green-looking creature with a long white cape on. He reminded Ryu of the Brazilian beast, Blanka.
"Yeah, totally fine, no problem here," Krillen assured him.
Ryu noticed that all of their clothes were dirty and had holes.
"So, you said you guys are gonna be in the tournament, right?" asked Goku.
"Yeah," replied Ken, "that’s why we came here to this deserted area, to train."
"Well, what a coincidence," Krillen said, "we’re also gonna be in that tournament too."
"Hey, sorry about what happened earlier," Ken apologized to Piccolo.
With his hands crossed, Piccolo just stared at him with a frown on his face, and in a monotone voice, replied "No problem. It was nothing."
"Well, since we’re all gonna to be in the tournament, what do you guys say about joining Ryu and me for lunch?" Ken insisted.

A moment passed by with silence. Goku’s stomach began to growl.

"Sure,” Goku smiled, rubbing his belly. "I can sure use some food right now." They all laughed except for Piccolo. Ken took out a cell phone from his pants and placed it against his ear.
"Hi, this is Ken calling. You can pick me up now."
"Yes, Mr. Masters," the other person on the line said.
"Who was that?" Krillen asked, a little curious.
"Oh, that was my limo driver," Ken said. "He’s gonna pick us up and take us to a restaurant."
"Are you rich?" Krillen asked, thrilled of the idea of being surrounded by a rich man, which to him meant only one thing- more girls.
"Well, you can say that," Ryu said. "His family is one of the riches in the U.S."
"Oh, that is just way too cool," Krillen replied excitedly.
"Well, I don’t know," Goku said. "Are you sure we're all gonna fit in there?"
"It’s a limo," Ken assured him.
"We can just fly there," Piccolo commented.
Krillen looked up at Piccolo. "If these guys invited us for a ride in a limo, then I’m going. Plus, I don’t think they can fly. He looked at Ryu and Ken and asked, "Can you?"
"No," Ryu and Ken answered at the same time.

Bump: "Wow, how did you guys learn to fly?" Ryu asked them.

"Well, Iím a Saiyan," Goku responded back. "AndÖ" Goku tried to finish the sentence but was interrupted by Piccoloís coughing. Goku is a good fighter, Piccolo thought to himself, but sometimes he doesnít know when to stop talking. It would be a fatal mistake to reveal that kind of information to total strangers. He didnít trust Ryu and Ken, if that was their real names. He found them suspicious for some reason and didnít even think the lunch idea was such a good idea either. The only reason he was going was to accompany Krillen and Goku, just in case something happened and they needed his assistance.
"So, you said a limo was gonna pick us up?" Piccolo asked, not letting Goku talk anymore.
"Yeah, as a matter of fact... itís that one!," Ken said, pointing directly at it.
Everyone now stared at a long, luxury black car coming their way. It was hidden behind a big boulder nearby so no one had noticed it before. It finally reached them and stopped. Ryu and Ken had arrived in the afternoon to this deserted area for the purpose of training for their upcoming fight at the tournament. Ryu had insisted that he needed some time alone to meditate in order to help him gain more control of the dark hadou power that was hidden inside him. Ken had the same power and agreed that it would be safer if the two didn't see each other while unleashing this evil, indestructible force that took control of them. They separated their own ways. Ken never had the chance to reach this power because he was interrupted while sitting on top of a mountain while meditating. He sensed a presence, opened his eyes, and Sagat launched an attack.

"Great," Krillen said, jumping into the limo. Goku went inside next, followed by Ryu and Ken. Piccolo was the only one standing outside.
"Hey, what are you waiting for, man?" Ken smiled.
"Yeah, Piccolo, you should really come in here." Krillen said. ďThe leather seats feel so comfortable. Oh cool, you have a flat screen TV and a Playstation 3. Oh neat!"
Piccolo thought about it carefully and then gave in. He closed the door and sat next to Ken.
"You can leave now," Ken told the driver. The black limo left the deserted area.

In the middle of a dark cave, a muscular man sat in a big chair that resembled a king's throne. His facial features were hard to see because of the darkness that surrounded him. He faced a big wide screen in front of him. Two men, similar in height, stood side by side their master on opposite sides. One of them was slightly taller than the other. They just stood there, as if they were all waiting for something to happen.
The screen everyone was looking at turned on and provided light in the room. Sharp, long metal knives came out of the hands of one of them, Vega. He wore a mask to prevent his beautiful face from being scratched, and the guy on the opposite side was no other than Sagat.

"Letís see what we have here," Bison finally broke the silence. He had a remote control in his hand. The screen started playing a video recording of what had just occurred a few minutes ago, when Bison interrupted Ken and Sagatís fight. But who were the other three, Bison asked himself. The video showed Bison levitating himself in mid-air, almost touching the ground. Then, the three men threw fireballs at him, but he handled it quit well, he thought to himself. The last thing it played was the clouds of smoke. Bison had installed hidden cameras inside and outside the helicopter. The inside had its usual gadgets and equipment for the pilot, like a GPS and a radio transmitter. But what made this particular helicopter deadly was the fact that it was equipped with two large missiles. It had cost Bison a lot of money, but that wasn't an issue since he was the leader of Shadaloo. His men smuggled drugs and illegal weapons into different countries all around the world. He made the plans and his men did the rest. His power and authority was known by many well-known, respected criminal organizations. Going against Bison, and in other rare occasions, stealing from him or lying to him would be a fatal mistake no one wished to make.
"Who are the other three?" Bison demanded to know.
"I donít know, Master Bison," Sagat replied.
"Well, I guess we'll just have to see about that," Bison said. He remembered his attackers- a green goblin looking creature and a bald midget with small circle spots on his forehead. Bison thought of the other one, who for some reason stood out to him. He had long black spiky hair and remembered him screaming, ďLet's attack now!Ē
The fireballs didn't cause any damage whatsoever, but Bison had to admit that all three of them had pretty good aim.
"Vega, how did your mission go?" Bison asked.
"Complete" Vega simply answered.
"Well, wellÖ, I am very pleased," Bison smiled.

Bison gave Vega the mission to kill Chun-Li, an Interpol agent, and her partner, Guile, a military commander. Later on, right before Vega was going to do the job, Bison changed his mind. He didnít want them killed. He wanted them hurt, just barely alive. Vega was also required to take pictures for confirmation of his mission. Chun-Li and Guile were staying at a hospital back in the U.S. after a shooting incident that occurred at the Canadian border.

He had one of the pictures in his hands right now, staring at the one of Chun-Li. She looked so pretty and innocent sleeping Bison thought to himself, but she was a dangerous opponent not to be taken lightly. All Vega had to do was play a little disguise game. He dressed up as a doctor, and while Chun-Li and Guile were asleep that night, he sneaked into the hospital room where they were both staying. He viciously slashed their helpless bodies with his claws and left blood splattered on the walls and floor. A nearby nurse walking in the hallway heard something in that room and immediately opened the door. She found a window wide open, the wind blowing the curtains. Vega had jumped off from the twentieth floor. It was easy for him to perform these dangerous high-flying stunts. It was a natural gift he was born with. The nurse turned on the lights and screamed after witnessing the brutal scene. Other nurses came running in. Guile and Chun-Li could of easily died from the serious cut wounds if it wasn't for the nurse who had found them. The injuries left by Vega would take some time to recover from. Bison stared at Chun-Li in the photo and crumbled it.

"That bitch is going to pay for getting Balrog arrested!" Bison shouted, causing echoes in the cave. Chun-Li was responsible for catching Balrog, who, along with other members of Shadaloo, almost successfully sneaked illegal weapons into the U.S. a few weeks ago

Bump: through the Canadian border.

"But look at her right now!" Bison laughed. "Ha Ha Ha!" Sure, Balrog was capable of escaping jail whenever he wanted to. He could crush an entire car with one punch, but Bison wanted to play it safe this time and try not to get more attention from the feds. He would later notify Balrog when it was time to escape.

"Now, itís time to work on my new project," Bison said in a soft voice.
He slowly stood up from his chair and walked towards a large metal door, his cape only a few inches away from touching the floor. Vega and Sagat followed behind their leader. Bison took off his glove from his right hand and placed it in the center of the door. The door glowed three times and finally opened. They walked in and a man in a white lab coat sat on a chair, staring at a computer screen. His uncombed gray hair stood out. He looked like a crazy, mad scientist who skipped sleeping every night in order to work on his secret projects. Next to him was a lab table that had many chemicals and tubes, microscopes, and other scientific equipment.

"Did you find out what he is, yet?" Bison interrupted.
The man jumped out of his seat, surprised to see Bison. He wasn't expecting him. He took off his glasses and cleaned them against his coat as he spoke.
"Well, I havenít figured that out yet, Sir" he answered respectfully.
Bison did not look pleased. He frowned and made a fist which started to glow in front of the man's face. Vega and Sagat just stood silently behind Bison and watched. The man looked startled and started talking fast now.
"I didnít go into that part of the experiment yet," he explained nervously.
"Well, if thatís the case, you need more time," Bison told him, putting his hand down. The man was more relaxed now. He walked to a corner in the room while putting back on his glasses. Bison, Vega, and Sagat were led to a large tube filled with water. A muscular, black haired man floated inside. He only wore pants, shoes, and had a large metal oxygen mask covering his face. Bison saw bubbles coming out from the mask and noticed that the man in the tube still had his eyes closed. Maybe he's still sleeping he told himself.
"Is he alive?" Bison asked.
"Yes," the lab man smiled back "but he is still unconscious." He will wake up in approximately twenty minutes. Thatís when we'll be able to complete the rest of the tests.

They arrived in the city. Krillen was now staring at a Japanese sign hanging on the front door of the restaurant they were about to go in.
"So, this is the place?" Krillen asked. "Happy Go Lucky?" He read the Japanese sign.
"Yep, this is the place for sure," Ken told him.
"Never been here before," Goku said. He also looked at the Japanese symbol, then inside the restaurant through the glass windows. They walked inside. The restaurant didn't just serve its customers Japanese food. It was also meant for tourists from the Western countries. The Japanese ate there because it gave them a chance to get a taste of American food while appreciating their own food. Ken was able to afford the most expensive, exquisite foods in the world, but this was just an ordinary restaurant. He was financially superior than most individuals, but he tried to live a humble, modest lifestyle because he didn't want money and power to change him as a person. Ryu noticed that the
place wasn't crowded as usual. There were many rectangle tables covered with plain blue tablecloths.

"Hi, Ayaka," Ken said when a woman approached him. "These are my friends, and I would like a table for five, please."
The waitress was Japanese and had short, straight black hair and was wearing an apron and black pants. She politely smiled and wrote the number five on her notepad and took them to their table. Piccolo was in the back of the group. People who were seated nearby stopped eating and stared at him. They whispered among themselves. They thought he looked quite unusual. His white cape dragged on the carpet floor.

"Anything to drink?" she asked everyone. She took notes of everyone's order.
ďSir, what will it be for you?Ē She asked Piccolo.
Piccolo just stood quiet for a moment then said, ďI'll just have a cup of water.Ē
She looked at him strangely and was about to say something when Ken interrupted, "Hey, man, you donít have to worry about it. Iím gonna pay for everything. Are you sure you only want a cup of water? Are you gonna eat anything?"
"Yeah, just a cup of water and no, Iím not hungry," Piccolo said.
It took Ayaka a couple of trips to bring all of the food and drinks to the table. She brought back bowls of rice, one fried and the other white, another bowl of chicken, fried salmon, pork, sushi, french fries, apple pie, and much more.
"Man, that sure is a lot of food," Krillen said out loud.
"Yeah, most of it will probably end up in Ryuís stomach," Ken joked.
Gokuís stomach growled and they began to eat.

"So, Krillen, how long have you guys known each other?" Ken asked.
"Well, I've known Goku since we were kids. He's my best friend. Piccolo fights with us and even trained Gokuís son, Gohan. He turned out to be a great fighter just like his dad."
"Is that so?" Ken looked at Goku and Ryu's direction. They were seated next to each other, too busy eating to pay attention to the conversation. To Piccolo they looked like children challenging each other in a food contest. Small pieces of food flew all over the place. Ayaka walked by the table to see if everything was okay. She saw many empty plates stacked up on top of each other. Both Ryu and Goku smiled at her, and at the same time said, ď More please!Ē

Ayaka just stood there with her mouth wide open, speechless, unable to believe her own eyes. She finally spoke saying, "I have worked here for five years, and I never seen anyone eat that much food in a small amount of time!"
ďWow,Ē Krillen said, ďI never seen anyone give Goku a competition when it comes to eating.Ē
"Thatís okay, you can bring them more food,Ē Ken told the waitress.
Piccolo just sat there with the cup of ice water still in front of him, untouched. There were a couple of unanswered questions that he wanted to ask Ken and Ryu about what had occurred back in the mountains just an hour ago.

He finally woke up. It took him a while to figure out that he wasnít dreaming anymore. How long was he sleeping for? Where was he? He slowly opened his eyes, feeling tired

Bump: and weak. All he saw was black. It was dark and cold where he was. A random image appeared in his head- clouds. Yes, he remembered flying near the mountains. But how long ago was that? Was it a day or a week? He wasnít able to think clearly. He noticed that he was standing with his hands raised in the air. He tried to move them but was unsuccessful. It didn't make any sense. He tried harder this time and heard a chain-like sound. He could feel straps around his wrists.

"I see youíre awake," a deep voice said, echoing in the room.
Lights turned on, and the man who was chained against the cave wall with his hands raised quickly closed his eyes. The lights were too bright. It was painful, and he screamed, "You'll pay for this, bitch!Ē
Bison stood there, watching the defenseless man, who just a few days ago had put up a good fight. How ironic Bison thought to himself.
The man slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the lighting in the room. He looked down at his body and noticed that he wasn't wearing his vest anymore, only pants and shoes. He quickly looked at the man standing in front of him.
Bison stared at his facial features. He noticed that he had black spiky hair and ridiculous thick eyebrows.
ďDon't worry, you'll get your powers back, very soon, Vegeta,Ē Bison smiled.

Back at the restaurant, Ryu and Goku rubbed their stomachs. They had eaten everything Ayaka brought back to the table. Krillen thought they looked like two pregnant ladies.
"Well, I feel happy," Ryu said, smiling at Goku.
Goku replied, smiling back, "I feel lucky." They both laughed.
"Listen," Piccolo interrupted, sounding serious. "There's a few things I want to know right now."
"Like what?" Ryu asked.
"First, who the hell is this Bison guy?" Piccolo asked.
"Well, he's the leader of Shadaloo,Ē Ryu responded.
"Shadow who?" Krillen interrupted.
"It makes money by selling illegal weapons and drugs all around the world" Ken said.
"How strong is he?" Piccolo asked, looking at Ken.
"Well, he wants to conquer the world. He uses an evil power known as psycho power," Ken replied.
"So I guess you guys have battled him before?" Piccolo asked.
"Yeah," Ryu answered, "but that was many years ago, and we had just learned how to do the hadoken. But me and Ken are much more prepared this time," Ryu said.
"Yes, thatís right," Ken added. "We learned the Ansatsuken martial arts style, which was taught by our Master Gouken. But he was murdered."

Whenever Ken talked about this, he felt a sudden sadness in him. Ryu could tell how hard it was for Ken to speak about the brutal murder of their master. Krillen also sensed this and hesitated to ask his next question, but curiosity took over.
"Who killed him?" Krillen asked.
Ryu answered saying, "His brother, Akuma. Master Gouken abandoned the violent nature of Ansatsuken, but Akuma vowed to master every life-threatening technique Ansatsuken could teach. The dark hado possessed him. I fought him many years ago in an island. He later destroyed it with one blow."
There was a question now that bothered Piccolo. Was Akuma stronger now? he asked himself.
Ryu noticed that Krillen and Goku were both wearing a similar orange costume.
"So what about you guys?" Ryu asked, looking directly at Goku.
"I was born in planet Vegeta." Goku told him.
"Yeah, he was one of the last Saiyans to survive. He was sent here to kill everyone on this planet, but things didnít turn out that way," Krillen smiled.
"So who exactly trained you to fight?" Ryu asked Goku..
"Um... well, I've been kinda doing it my whole life. A guy name King Kai did train me though. It was fun," Goku smiled, remembering when King Kai had given him the mission of catching a monkey. He was on a planet where gravity was much stronger than on Earth, so that made it more difficult. They continued their conversation, all five of them, sharing their stories of how they had become martial arts fighters. Little did they know, however, that someone had followed them into the restaurant and was sitting only two tables away from them. She had blue eyes and long blond hair. Her hair wasnít visible at the moment. A dark hoodie covered her head. Underneath that, she was wearing an army suit, prepared to make her next move if necessary. The waitress found it odd that she was the only one sitting alone. She walked in, asked for a table for one, and ordered hot coffee. She was drinking it right now while staring at Ryu, Ken, and the other men she was not familiar with. Bison had instructed Cammy to spy on them. She secretly took images of each of them using her eyes. Bison had installed cameras in them. She could complete her job easier and unnoticed. She looked at the man sitting next to Ryu. She took a picture Gokuís face, recorded his height and weight, and saved it into her files. Next, it was the short bald man. She recorded his height, weight, and other information. She did the same for the green creature with the pointy ears.

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I'd have to read it more, but right now... all i can say is... its starting up good...

but its not a story i'd follow... SF and DBZ aren't on the same league. unless you boost SF chars a lot. like they did in the VS series. Also, Ken is equal to ryu... Ryu has more power, but ken has the precision. Ryu works out ki int he form of energy bals, while ken works out his ki int he form of enhancement on his moves. I do not doubt that Ryu is the only guy who defeated sagat, he's the hero after all... but unlike most people i dont think KEN wouldn't be able to do the same.

also, i hope for krillin to have more fights then he does in DBZ, i liked him in DB and i liked him during the saiya-jin arc, too bad his time to shine in the namek arc was downgraded as hell. so i really hope your story will push him forward more then he did in the DBZ books.
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Goodstuff man I read the whole thing I really like it hope you continue this ill be hoping to read more of it.

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That's a ****load to read.. but do to your good reviews i'll probably read it sometime later


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Originally Posted by donkios View Post
That's a ****load to read.. but do to your good reviews i'll probably read it sometime later
yeah, I know, it's 10 pages, I just wrote the story as I went along, if I finish it then it will probably be around 100 pages, which I'm most likely not even gonna do.
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More more more! How about some pics! if you can like once there fighting you know ;]

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