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Default Hulk VS Dark Hado

Hulk Smash!!! the hulks big green arms hit the ground with an unstoppable force shattering the hadoken .Akumas face blank with no emotion but a small smile . As his hands move so fast that the hulk rubs his eyes Akuma charge another hadoken the trees simple the life he drains as his attack is launched the hulk is not about to move from this one and takes a direct hit .The ground snaps and dust is ever where as the hulk stands they not a scratch on him Akuma fads in front of the hulk with hands drawn back he hit the hulk with 15 vicious combos the hulk un able to block to slow to catch him swing wildly at Akama but with each blow Akauma gives the hulk the rage builds up and so does his strength its so bad that Akama is not hurting the hulk any more he is hurting him self each hit braking fracturing his bones his hands fractures Akuma has only one option left to doge this monsters powerful attacks the hulk hit akuma finally in the ribs and sends him falling into the mountain back side Akuma hit the mountain hard and keeps going until the mountain is nothing nut pubs Akuma holding his ribs falling in his own blood he is defeated the hulk jumps to the other side of what used to be the mountain on to Akuma ‘s back pushing him deeper into death Akuma’s body slide into the water defeated The hulk beats his chest and yells out Hulk Smash !. Akuma fall into a deep sleep close to death the only thing he is thinking is I fight for my self ,I live for my self over and over those thought played each time getting darker and darker until a sharp light hit Akuma and a name appears Ryu!. The water turns pitch black the hulk feel the energy bouncing off Akuma as he stands full healed in the Dark hado Ready for round two.
__________________LOL thought it would be a good match up XD
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dark, hado, hulk

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