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Default [ Welcome to G-Corporation ]

Hello, And Welcome To G-Corporation.
Your Top Forum For All Your Gaming Needs. We are Here to Establish A New Environment for Fun An Entertainment. We Will be bringing you some of the Most High Impact, Intense, an crazy velocity of that which is Fighting Games and More. We Will be Hosting Event's /Tournaments For Some of Your Gaming Favorites. This Includes GGPO / Fightcade , Steam etc.

While Also Bringing you another side Of Gaming With Origin and many more. I -Kenshi- Aka -FinalOmen- Aka MASTA_R4V3N Would Like to Personally Welcome You Something That I've Been Working On For Months At A Time Now. Working Night In And Night Out On This Project By my Self. At The Current Moment I'm Proud To Say That The Day Of Launch IS FINALLY Here.

I Will Be Looking For a Management Team Here An For Any One Who Thinks That They Would Like To Give It A Shot Please Feel Free Too Message Me A Full Break Down Of Information Regarding The Following Below.

Positions Available:
Head Administrators

Position Applying For {
Forum Name {
Email Address {
ICQ Information {
Steam IGN {
Origin IGN {

Now Allow Me To Give You A Quick Description In Definition Of the Titles Displayed.
Because There Is a Set Skill Recommendation Needed For Each Position Available.

Head Administrators-
This Position Is Highly Qualified Due To It's Demand. This Position Put's You In A Position Of High Responsibility Here At G-Corporation. Your In Need Of Knowledge Of Production Behind Scenes Of Being a Mir Pretty Title And Look. This Position Asks You To Know The Basic's Of Forum Structure and Stability. Basically If We Move To A Bigger Forum Such As VBulletin , IPBoard Etc. I'll Need For You To Take Control Of Maintenance, Corrections, Etc Need Taken Care Of For The Community. As Well As Gaining This Position Your My Right Hand In Command Of The Community And Are To Keep In Contact with Me Before a Final Decision Given For Approval. I'm Trusting You With Taking Control When Needed While I'm Handling Bigger Thing's On the Forum. An You Will Be There To Represent Myself and The Community Once Operations Are Launched. This Is a Very Heavy Title To Bear.

This Position Is Kind Of Self Explanatory Due To Previous Explanation OF HA's ( Head Administrators). You Will Be Looked At The Same As Them However With A Lighter Demand. Only Difference Will be Your Authority Only Is Demand On the Forum Itself With Keep Stability Within the Community. Even If That Includes giving a Few Ban Hammer's Here An There.

Head Moderators-
This Position Is The Head Honcho Of All Moderators Here At G-Corporation. These Select Member's Will Be InCharge Of Assisting All Moderators With Their Job Descriptions. This Position Is Also Held Accountable for Their Team Placed Below Them. Due To Your Job Being To UpHold The Law For Them Without The Needed Authority Of a Administrator / Head Admin.

Your Job Description Will Be Over Set Categories of Topics, Post's, An Discussions Withheld On G-Corporation. Meaning You Are to Correct, Direct each member of the Community In the Right Path Needed Here. You Will Be Enforcing Each Rule Established For G-Corporation.

As Stated Previously These Job Descriptions Are Very Demanding. Also Once The Positions Needed Have Been Filled And Committed Too. The End Of This Month All G-Corporation Staff Will Have A Meeting An Are Expected Too Attened due To Discussions Needed And Information Needed To be Obtained. This Will Also Open Us to Become Familiar with One Another. If These Positions Don't Fit you, Your More Then Welcome To Register Here At The Community And Enjoy Yourself And Become Apart of the Family.

So Again Welcome To G-Corporation And Have A Blessed Time.

-Thank You, MASTA_R4V3N

Bump: Update-

You Can Also Post Your Staff Applications Here As Well.
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