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Default GoForBroke Quater finals

Round three is here


1 on 1 no Tag(only)

best of 3

modes:left hosts first (if person on left can't host they get to make rules)

banned moves: None

server: All


expert mode only

vind: optional


-DarkSoldier- v Prothon_X [shadow_gangsta74@hotmail.com, unknown]

XBlack_WingX v Homewood [MannyTheNnumber1@hotmail.com, unknown

Biggiejones v (-Umi_Hikari-) [shikubuu@hotmail.com, unknown]

Zombie_X v EvilRyus5 [step02_2095@hotmail.com, unknown]

BlueTrailBlazer/Sega_X v -RR-Riley [ x_thuglord_x@yahoo.com, Wes45TheBomb@hotmail.com]

-Best- v _Neclear [unknown, MastaSpyda@live.com]

!(Evil-Blanka)! v HK2401 [unknown, unknown]

Deadline= June 12, 2010 12a.m. eastern time

Don't let time pass you by cause you might not make it to Next Round!

Questions/Comments/Concerns add me @ Mastaspyda@live.com Don't spam this thread with bullcrap and non-sense simply finish your match post you won or lost and move on.

P.S. Since both (~After~Dark~) and ItachiSan were both just as active (AD was on UG) and (TRG was on sfo on multiple occasions so i am gonna get Lamont to flip a coin AD heads TRG tails 1 flip whoever wins get a By week so we'll see who's lucky day it is today .

Lamont said it landed Tails so TRG enjoy your by week and see you in the Semi-Finals

Good luck to everyone and GodSpeed.
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