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Default Hello there.

Hi community members of SFO,

I am going to introduce myself in this section for those who don't know me. I have permission from T-fist already so here goes. I will address this in truth by point form of what I am all about with no more hiding secrets anymore:

1. My name is Runney (not rooney). For jokes, yall can call me runny nose for colds.

2. Yes, I am a real black guy such as 31 years old like most other dudes. I also know about slang words like (ye, sup, yo, what up, fam, feel me?, n-word, s-word etc it's in my blood as well, but I prefer to use full English language instead.

3. I am single who's purpose is looking to have a girlfriend soon.

4. I do live in Toronto, Canada with my parents and siblings.

5. I do have a busy lifestyle such as going to college full-time for a program called Computer Systems Networking Techinician. After this, I will be entering the career workforce.

6. I found this game on a website such as arcadepod.com at the time when this used to be called "Xmen vs StreetFighter Online". Also my younger brother told me about this game.

7. Back then, was where I made my very sfo in-game account in 2001. As a newcomer, I was very intrigued of how wonderful this game turned out to be. As time went on, I have known TMyApp and Titaniumfist over the years, even though we were truly busy and never had the chance to socialize much. Of course I didn't have many online friends back then. I made the account "Runney" in 2006 for the fact that playing old-school mode (xvssf) was something that was my destiny.

8. I also joined the SFO forum as well because I wanted to be apart of the community. As years went by, even though I wasn't active 24/7, I still supported and helped the game and its community for the past 7 years, when and if I can. All thanks to TmyApp, I was granted a special gift of a EVIP member for the amount of effort I helped into the world of SFO.

9. I had some ups and downs as time went on, I made a lot of mistakes here especially with blockattack on certain threads. I was truly sorry for anyone whom I may have offended in some way, then realized that I became a changed person to accept all staff's friendship in the long run.

10. As lazy as I was, SFO clan joining became a huge impact over the years here, mostly because I made so many SFO in-game accounts for no reason at all. I thought being a part of a clan would be a cool thing at times. Then again, that was just me, ya know?

11. Lastly, I will totally understand if some of you may not like me, respect me, or think I am a big noob by my playing style but I just wanted to share the real truth. Except for the staff members, I am truly blessed by how much they have appreciated me by far. So thanks guys or girls. Sorry for this was a long post.
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