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Exclamation [ HELP, My Account got Hacked or Auto-Terminated ]

OMG! Your account got hacked, auto-terminated or "locked out" for NO REASON what so ever! What to do? Why is this unfair stuff happening to the innocent person that is you? Who can you blame? ...

these, and other useless questions will be answered (again) in this official thread!

... first off, "hacked" is such an ugly buzz word, and i for one am tired of hearing it ... your account did NOT get hacked, because it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to get hacked ... (SFO uses 128 bit encryption, same as all major banks, and, we have a number of other sci-fi like .. and/or futuristic methods of protecting your precious SFO accounts)

instead, this is what happened:

1: you gave your game password to someone else (don't deny it! lie to yourself if you must, but not the rest of us! ) ...

you were in the game chat, or.. MSN ... and some no-name person who claimed he was a Mod or Admin or STAFF at SFO ... and/or he promised to get you VIP perks ... or hooke you up with custom chararacter colors ... or to make you Elite ... or for you to get a special/new character ... and you were stupid enough to give him your password

*sigh*... there is a simple rule on the internet (and anywhere in life for that matter) .. and it goes: NEVER give away your password to ANYONE ... PERIOD !!! ... don't even give it to me! .. i'd rather you be too paranoid, then to go around and allowing others to "use" your account ... (after all, it's not "hacking" if you give them the password)

2: more than one person was using your account at the same time and it got auto-terminated by the system ... (this could mean that you either gave your password to someone else... as in #1 reason stated above, OR, you were trying to be super-smart and trying to run the game ... say on two computers... logged in as you ... at the same time)

guess what ?? SFO will not let you do that ... and sooner or later the authentication server will say "enough"... and you will end up with a locked/unusable account (which you then haven to try and re-activate by emailing me... and more info on that can be found below) ... and if this is the case, you KNOW that you've had your warnings ... more than one ... over and over again ... but you ignored them thinking the problem would solve itself ... and it did

3: you had a short, easy and/or stupid password ... (example: same as your login, or better yet, the classic: 12345 ... like something a not-so-smart person might have on their luggage )

... if this is the case... do us all a favor and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD !!! .. because at SFO, we make it easy!

all you have to do is email your login, old password, new password and the email address you used when the account was created to:


then, you wait 6-8 weeks (or months) for me to reply and for the change to take effect

... nice ... and simple

(this is also when you ask yourself: do you change your luggage-like password? or listen to my #1 advice and never give out your password to anyone including me ??)

... i'll let you figure that one out

but all i ask, is that you stop emaling me with "my account got hacked!" .. or "i got auto terminated and i'm innocent"

because that's not what happend ... you know it ... i know it ... and SFO's auth server has logs to prove it

(i will now close this thread, because if i don't, hundreds users who can't and/or do not want to read will start posting their logins and passwords in this thread... in a futile attempt to have their account reactivated)

REMEMBER: if you did something stupid, just admit to it, and email me! ... you'll get your account back (but because i'm a very busy person ... it won't happen overnight ... so you will have to wait and live with your mistakes a bit longer)

9-4-2011 Addendum: If you contact me about your account being auto-terminated and the account in question is in reality, not yours, you will be locked-out of SFO indefinitely for lying to a SysOp and trying to gain access to an account you do not own. Think twice before you PM or email me asking for an unlock, reversal of autotermination or a password change based lies.

This addendum goes for every any staff member you approach with lies in order to gain access to an account you do not own.

Don't let greed and jealousy lead you to make bad decisions that will lead to you never playing SFO again.

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